How to get paid to write online 2021

Every writer wants to be a professional writer, For career growth, for fame or sometimes to share their thoughts. Some simply want to get out something from their minds or someone wants to be rich by their writing. So everyone is driven by different forces. But the natural outcome of all the above things is that "How you can earn money by writing online?" Many people are frustrated with their jobs and want to quit so that they can switch to their writing hobby and earn online. But the concern here is We always tell them NO writing is just a hobby, but it can be a really hard profession to earn by writing. Though, if you are very passionate about your writing hobby you can earn online by writing full time or as a freelancer.

To get paid by writing you need to star form somewhere, a form where you can gain knowledge, polish your skills and also get paid. So that you can build a strong customer base and a good reputation with time.

Here are some ways from which you can write and earn money online:-

Publish Articles on - The website provides you to write online on their platform and get paid. To write on this website you don't need any experience or expert skills in writing. will pay for your efforts. No matter what is your field of work or your hobbies, interests, if you a story or blog and knowledge of writing then publish on this website then it can provide you with income based on your organic traffic.

  1. At mixreds, you can write on different topics such as health-related, technology, lifestyle, food, business etc. While writing you can also get to know about new things and gain knowledge about different kinds of stuff. So writing can also provide you with great knowledge. And it can also help other peoples and writers to develop their skills and they find it helpful for their knowledge.
  2. The goal of this platform is to provide beginners or freshers with this best platform to work or test their skills and get paid for their work. There are no restrictions for any country, any background you belong from, they are happy to publish your work. 
  3. Your payment will depend on your organic views. Everyone paid equally on this platform. The only thing which you have must write online on this website is that you have good English writing skills and you can turn knowledge into exciting and thought-provoking articles. 
  4. To join this website you must be creative and do not copy-paste from other websites. You are willing to research on topics before you are going to write on that particular topic. You must be following the up to date trend and of course, you are passionate about your writing. 

Start your blog

You can start your blog, and setting this own blog is a long term strategy by which you won't make money instantly but definitely. If you want to be successful through your blog then you need to do affiliate marketing or sponsored posts on your blog. You need to choose a well-established blogging platform if you want to ensure a good start. Here are also some important point which you have to keep in mind while starting as a blogger. 

The eye-catching domain:- Here you need to select an eye-catching domain that people can easily memorise. 

Content creation:- Content creation must be very knowledgeable and easy to understand. If you are creating content that can be useful for the audience then the chances are more for ranking.

Website Optimization:- This is very important to optimise your website timely. Because website optimization can improve its discoverability for both the users and the search engine so it can monetize the content.

Freelance Platforms

You can also make money by using freelance platforms. These are the platforms where you can easily create your work profile and find relevant client related to your work. On these freelancing platforms, you need to build your portfolio on top by getting reviews from your clients. The other advantage of this is payment methods are verified at Freelancing platforms. But you need to check the terms and conditions always before submitting the proposals.

So the question arises here where you can find the relevant job?

Upwork:- Upwork is a platform where you can create your portfolio and start searching for relevant projects. Your profile rank on top if you will get positive reviews from your clients. After finishing your connects you need to buy more connects on upwards so that you can start bidding on other relevant projects. The advantage of freelancing work is that you can get parttime as well as full-time work here.

iWriter:- iWriter offer you various types of content and you can make money by writing online. In the beginning, you can earn less but when you start writing here you can earn a good amount of money according to words. 

Guest posts:-

If you are good at writing then you can go for guest posting on good websites. For the guest post.

  • You need to write an article on a trending topic or something informational.
  • After finishing your article you need to search on google about the websites that are open for guest posting.
  • Once you are done with finding good websites you need to share a copy of the article for their reference.

This is a good way to start your career in content writing but if you are willing to do so. 

It's time to start writing online and get paid The trick is here just choose the right platform and start writing and improve your skills as well as get paid for your work. A lot of options are there you just need to find the good one for you. Working as part-time and as a fresher these platforms can provide you with good knowledge and you can also improve your skills here. So don't hesitate to make money by writing online.

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