Great eCommerce User Experience - Impact on Online Sales

Great user experience will lead to better eCommerce business. Yes, you heard it right. With the advancement of technology, eCommerce businesses are also growing rapidly on digital platforms. Ecommerce companies are using AI Chatbots, Magento, Shopify, etc. web design tools to enhance engagement and usability factors on business websites. And if your business is lacking behind, then it might be a bad user experience holding back your business.

To rank on google search engines and grow your business online is not an overnight game. You need to put your heart and soul into meeting the customer's requirements. From heart and soul, we actually mean that you need to upgrade your strategies for your users and not for yourself. Our customers should be our first priority while we thought of promoting our eCommerce website. Whether you're selling on brick-and-mortar or offering any product and services online, your customer will only perceive it if they find it convenient to use. Here in this article, we tried to highlight the user experience possibilities that may impact your online sales. 

Benefits of User Experience on Online Sales 

  • Boost Productivity 

Offering a great user experience to your customers will help boost productivity online. SEO experts recommend businesses to optimize the quality of their website that not only helps improve website performance but also increases website ranking. Customers will love to visit and perceive your website again if they find it exciting and offering a great User experience. It will help grow your business productivity, and you will end up generating more leads. 

  • Enhance Brand Awareness

Businesses offering anything that enhances user experience will help strengthen their brand identity and enhance brand awareness. If you're dealing with your customers face to face or online, you need to prioritize your customer's choices. Keeping your customer's choices in mind will not only help to gain a loyal customer but also increase your brand value in their eyes. 

  • Improve Conversion

Better user experience will lead to better conversion rates. Conversions are important if you want to exist in the market. Bad conversion can push you down in the competition. By improving the user experience of your eCommerce website, you can attract more customers to your website and boost conversion rates. Offering a user-friendly interface that meets your client's needs may also increase ROI and revenue. 

  • Motivate customers to take actions 

User-friendly website design and the content will provide users what they are looking for. Offering them knowledgeable and engaging content will grab users' attention and motivate them to actions that can be anything from 'Read more' to 'Buy now. 

Tips to Optimize eCommerce Business to increase User Experience 

There is a list of strategies marketers follow to optimize their websites and increase user experience. Some of them are listed. Check them out!

  • Optimize page loading speed 

Website speed is an important ranking factor that helps increase your website ranking and offers a better user experience. Ecommerce websites that open quickly attract users and save their time too. Visitors will love to visit and perceive sites that respond fast without any buffering. Factors like heavy image files, irrelevant elements on the website, graphics, etc., can be responsible for the slow speed of your website. So, to improve website loading, it is recommended to upload optimized images, compress images and videos before uploading, and eliminate irrelevant elements from the site and web pages. 

  • Responsive Website Design

The foundation of your online business is your website, so to increase user experience on your website, choose a responsive web design. Responsive website design that can adapt your user screen offers a better user experience to your clients. You will be surprised to know that most of your clients are opening your website on their mobile devices to shop your products online, the reason why you need a responsive website design to reach out to them. 

  • Easy Navigation 

Where do you want visitors to land on your website? If you want them to land on your product page or blog page, optimize your website accordingly to navigate your website easily. Add Call-to-Action, Search bar, Contact Form, Chatbot options to your website to offer a better user experience. 

  • Content Optimization

The phrase "Content is the King' is still a proven but most effective strategy that every marketer should implement in order to increase their website user experience. Content is the first thing that attracts user attention. Good quality content informs users about your business and builds a strong brand image. High-quality, engaging content will improve your brand value, increase your business credibility, gain customers' trust and help increase user experience on your website. 

  • Optimize Product Pages 

If you want your customers to land on your products page, optimize it with the right keyword. Adding product names, meta descriptions, and product page titles with the right keywords helps rank your product page on search engine pages and make it user-friendly. It will make your product page searchable and help users to land directly on the products page. It is also recommended to add high-quality, optimized product images because Google understands text language and easily crawls pages with high-quality content. 

  • The title, the meta description should be unique for each product page. 
  • Create search engine friendly URLs
  • Add detailed descriptions of products 
  • Include Alt text in the image of each product 
  • Internal linking is a must
  • Let them contact you directly

Call-to-action makes your customers contact you directly through the website. Adding CTA to the website encourages users to make decisions and improves your website engagement rate. Buy Now, Call us, Read More, Checkout are some of the most common CTA marketers use in their website to let users reach them directly. It will increase your website traffic, improve website engagement and help users find what they are looking for? 


Offering an excellent user experience will let you hold your customers' attention and help you to run your eCommerce business successfully. Search engine optimization is the best way to make your business a big success. If you don't know how then let the SEO experts do it for you. 


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