Guide for Buying Right Stair Nosing for Your Home

The staircase is a common feature in homes and offices. For security reasons, it is essential that the stairs are fixed with self adhesive stair nosing of any type. Nosing increases the life of stairs apart from reducing the slipping or tripping incidents. Matching nosing also adds to the aesthetics of your interiors. 

What is Stair Nosing 

It is anti slip strip installed at the front of each step. Engineered wood stair nosing is applied where the foot traffic is highest. Various types of material are available online, including wood, aluminium and more. 

Self Adhesive Stair Nosing

For all types of flooring accessories, you can explore the All in All website. They stock high quality products, including nosing, door bars, underlay, adhesives, etc.

Why you need Stair Nosing


·      It offers slip resistance and hence reduces slipping or tripping accidents.

·      It helps in decreasing the maintenance cost.

·      It is essential as per safety regulations.

·      It protects each step's edge from wear and tear, along with surrounding flooring 


Popular Types of Material 

Nosing is available in various material options. 


For home, wood nosing is ideal. It adds to the beauty of your home décor. Wood is used for light foot fall areas. You can opt for pre finished nosings for your home. This can save time. Numerous wood options are available, like oak, walnut, cherry, birch, poplar and more. Many colour options are there in the market.  


Aluminium stair nosings are ideal for commercial areas where the traffic is heavy. It is corrosion resistant and hence durable. It is best when it comes to any other metal nosing as it has the highest strength to weight ratio. It is easy to install by glueing or using screws. It comes with anti slip strip. They are great for areas where safety is crucial. It is an expensive option but costs less than the stainless steel and chrome nosings. Compared to wood, it has limited design options. 


If you are looking for an affordable option, choose vinyl nosings. It is great for light traffic areas and can be installed in commercial or residential buildings. Numerous design options are out there in the marketplace. Even wood like textures are available. But the lifespan of vinyl is very short. Also, vinyl is not an eco-friendly option, it cannot be recycled. It emits volatile organic compounds. 

Stainless Steel 

This type of stair nosing is great for heavy traffic areas. Their life span is long as they are corrosion resistant. They can be used in commercial buildings with anti slip inserts to ensure lower accidents. They are costly but they last longer, so they are popular in industrial areas. They can get dirty easily but at the same time can be cleaned. 

Fiber Reinforced Plastic 

This is a waterproof option and perfect for commercial buildings where footfall is high. It is also chemical resistant but cannot be recycled and hence not environment friendly. It can be customised as per your requirements. It is pocket friendly option and is easy to install. It cannot be easily repaired but can be replaced.  


If you are looking something for medium traffic, then the rubber is great. Commercial buildings where slipping risks are higher, this should be used. The reason is that its frictional coefficient is high, which means that its frictional force will save from slips. It is not all that great when it comes to appearance but is a pocket-friendly option. We would not recommend in places where acids and oils are used. They can be used with wood, stone or tile flooring. 


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