How Can A Virtual Contact Center Help To Scale Your Business Amid Pandemic Crisis

How Can a Virtual Contact Center Help to Scale Your Business amid Pandemic Crisis?

According to Global Industry Analysts, the call center industry was expected to reach $407.1 billion by the end of 2022. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, several call centers and contact centers are facing challenges to operate and as a result the market is not able to perform as expected. So, in such a crisis situation, if you want to keep your customer communication channels operating, virtual contact center is the perfect solution. 

What Is a Virtual Contact Center?

A contact center deals with customer service operations that manage customer issues through multiple channels, such as phone, chat, and email. However, a virtual contact center performs similar functions but without a physical facility. Therefore, during the current pandemic situation, when several businesses are running remotely, opting for the Virtual Contact Center solutions is the appropriate way to manage customer services and keep the businesses running efficiently without any hindrance.  

Virtual Contact Center Benefits

Remote work possibility and 24/7 availability

Being available 24/7 is something your customers expect from you. And, with a virtual contact center solution, you can certainly make that happen. This is because a cloud-based contact center software lets your work remotely from anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day. Therefore, such contact centers are a boon for organizations that have operations all across the globe, and customer satisfaction is a key factor which they need to address.

Handle emergency situations 

Just imagine a scenario in which the phone lines in a contact center went down, or there was an internet connection problem, due to which the staff couldn’t access their CRM system. In such a situation, a contact center would struggle to operate, and customers wouldn’t be able to get through to the customer support team. However, since virtual contact center agents work remotely, even if something goes wrong, there would always be a team of agents ready to assist with the customer queries. Thus, having virtual contact centers in place makes organizations more emergency ready and functional even in unexpected situations. 

Good ROI

Virtual contact centers enable you to receive excellent ROI by increasing your employee productivity and enhancing your customer satisfaction levels. This eventually has an immediate effect on overall business operations. Besides, since virtual contact center agents can easily switch between inbound and outbound calls, so, there is no need to have two distinct teams handling both. Hence, it helps you save money as well. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers always prefer agents who are friendly, well-informed, and respond to questions in a direct, timely manner. And, through First call resolution, virtual contact centers ensure that the best agents are assigned to answer given questions as and when required. Thus, virtual call centers allow you to depend on chosen call center agents with the relevant work experience and the mindset to handle slightly complicated customers, resulting in better customer satisfaction rates irrespective of the situations. 


The pandemic crisis has revealed the need for contact centre solutions to be more resilient, scalable and easy to setup. This is because with things becoming unpredictable, businesses want the flexibility to scale their operations. So, virtual contact center solutions with the efficiency to cater to the customer’s requirements at great lengths even in the worst scenarios, is the best solution.  Therefore, businesses must resort to such type of contact center solutions to scale their businesses, especially during any unforeseen circumstances. 



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