How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic

With the drastic shift of the internet, generating organic traffic to your online store has become more important than ever. Whether you are doing business locally or selling your products globally, you need to have more organic traffic to generate better revenue and sales. And there are a lot of SEO Packages designed by various companies to help you.

If you have just started out and are looking for easy ways to drive more organic traffic to your website, then we have got you covered. In this post, we will have a look at the best ways to boost your website's organic traffic and onboard new customers.

Before diving into tips and ways to do this, let's first understand what exactly organic traffic is and why it's important.

Organic traffic comes to your website through organic channels and unpaid ways. To simplify, the traffic your website gets from search engines like Google and Bing is your organic traffic and the sales you are generating from that traffic is called organic sales. It's important to have higher organic traffic on your website otherwise running the online business will become more expensive and the profit margins will shrink significantly.

Another thing is that optimizing your website for organic traffic is a long-term and consistent process that brings more robust and evergreen results compared to the paid traffic.

1. Good quality content

The best way to drive relevant traffic to your website is to invest in creating quality content that can solve your readers' problems and bring more value to them. Compared to low-quality and short content, long-form content that is well-written and covers most of the users' questions brings higher traction to your website.

Before creating any content, perform a comprehensive competitor analysis and check on what topics they have written the content. Check their keywords, backlinks, and content length to prepare a better content creation plan. With Google's EAT concept, it has become more important for online stores to create quality, accurate and updated content that will help readers to gain more value.

2. Informative product descriptions

When it comes to generating more organic traffic for your online store, you need to focus on creating informative and original product descriptions so that it can rank. Most webshop owners use the exact product descriptions that they get from the manufacturers. However, that content gets you very little results as other sellers are also using that content.

To stand apart from the rest, you need to focus on creating unique content or change the content and add more relevant information. By doing this, there are high chances that your product pages will rank higher than those who have used the default content.

3. Keep blog section active

The easiest way to generate more organic traffic for your online store is to have a blog section on your website and you need to publish blogs actively. The reason behind posting frequents blogs is faster crawling from search engine bots. When the search bots crawl your website often and find new content, the chances of ranking in better positions improve.

Along with posting frequent and regular content, you can also update the previously posted content with the latest information and it will give a boost in organic traffic. While updating the older blogs and creating new blogs, focus on robust internal linking. This small extra work can help you generate more traction and improve the overall user experience.

4. Landing pages

While running an online store, having a number of relevant landing pages is crucial as it offers a better user experience and lets you do more sales. With landing pages, your customers get to know about your products and services in a more detailed manner. It also increases the chance of generating more organic traffic by ranking for product-specific keywords.

If you are using CMS like WordPress, you can use plugins that allow you to make landing pages within a few hours. Make sure the landing page has an SEO-friendly URL so it's easier to rank and generate more traffic to your website.

5. Long-tail keywords

Last but not least, the most effective way to boost organic traffic is to focus more on long-tail keywords as users often search these keywords more and they are easier to rank compared to the short-tail keywords. You can use an SEO tool to gather keyword ranking opportunities and thrive online on more organic traffic than your competitors.

Once you start ranking on long-tail keywords, the domain authority will also grow gradually which will also help in boosting the organic traffic. Even without spending capital on paid tactics, you can gain better traction from the audience in an organic manner. Get started with these organic strategies to boost traffic to your online store and drive more sales. As search algorithms are changing rapidly, it has become important to focus on gathering more organic traffic.

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