How to beat bad mood?

Life is tough guys and there's no doubt about it. Life is full of ups and downs, full of difficult or unpleasant situations which may put us in a bad mood. Especially during such hard times of covid, being mentally happy & in a good mood has become quite a challenge. Everyone has his/her own problems going on. People losing on their loved ones, stress caused by the online classes happening in these tough times, working people managing both home & work altogether, increasing deaths in the whole world, etc. All these happenings are somewhere putting us in a  bad mood every now & then. So, it is quite essential to take care of our mental health & stay motivated throughout. Apart from all these issues, many other reasons might be there which may make our mood bad. Students feel upset if they aren't able to crack some important exam, people having failed relationships, heartbreaks, illnesses in families/friends, failure in career, getting repeated scoldings etc. 

So, it is very important guys to keep our mood good & positive. We should pursue our hobbies like listening to music, reading novels, binge watching good series/movies, cooking delicious meals, travelling, dancing, learning new things refresh our mood & mind. Moreover, we can also indulge in having healthy drinks like lemon water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices, mango shakes, chocolate shakes etc. to attain a good mood. Eating & drinking healthy will help us be at peace with ourselves & refresh our thoughts. We can learn new food recipes to invest our time more productively. All these things are quite helpful in refreshing our mood. It is totally understandable to feel upset/bored/low in these days when most of the people are locked in their houses for almost two years now.So, it becomes even more significant to take care of our mental & bodily well being. One can indulge in playing interesting games over the internet, learning new skills via various online courses, learning a new language, etc. Brisk walking can be done at any hour of the day to achieve a healthy state of mind & a good mood. Overthinking must be avoided. Proper sleep needs to be there as absence of it can result in a bad mood throughout the day.

Most importantly guys, think & stay positive about life. Be patient & believe in yourself. Do not feel panicked or too worried about anything. Life is tough but so are you. So whenever you feel low or end up in a bad mood, just indulge in any favorite work of yours or just grab a chocolate.



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