How to earn money from blogger?

Today we tell you about a site from which you can monetize your site by creating it, along with the growth of your site, your income will also be more.

So the name of the site is the blogger which was started by Google, which has seen a lot of progress in the world of internet, blogger has played a huge role in the growth of Google.

Step -1

First of all go to Google and search blogger, then click on the blogger from the interface that comes on Google.

There, you will see the option to select the name of the blog, put a good name for your block, click on Next.


After that you will see the option to select a domain name, on which select a good domain name, select a domain name that comes in more and more Google search, this will make it very easy to increase traffic on your blogger, which will also increase your views.


After that you have to click on Create New Post, which will give you new post to write.

After writing a new post,


you can index your site by going to Google Search Console, after requesting it, you will have to give the sitemap there as well, after submitting in the side, the option of URL Live Test will appear there and by clicking there you will see the URL  After doing this process, Google will connect your blog to Google search console


After this, you write a new post on it every day, after which, as soon as after thousands of views, you can create an account of Google Adsense and add your blog to it, which will become the source of your income after approval.


The highest earning blogs are blogs by finance and after them technical blocks are the second highest earning blogs.


So as far as possible, select one of these two, so that you can earn more money, it will take 3 to 4 days to process all of that, after that as you post, your audience will increase.  How much money does Google Adsense pay? Google AdSense gives 2 to 5 dollars per 1000 visitors. If traffic is from India or from neighboring countries of India, then you get $ 2 and if traffic is from USA, you get $ 5, then you can go as far as you can  Write your own blog.


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