How to effectively Protect data using Netbackup Certification?

If you’re focused on adding a NetBackup certification to your resume? This is a good place to start. Earning a Veritas NetBackup Administration certification equips candidates with the skills they need for creating a successful data protection strategy within an organisation. Earning this certification, you will cover several topics and advanced concepts such as NetBackup performance, disaster recovery, security backups, VM accelerator backups and application backups on physical and virtual machines. 

Want to learn how to protect data effectively? All you need to do is enrol in a training course for a NetBackup certification. This will 

How to Effectively Prepare for your NetBackup Certification:

1. Prepare well:

Veritas helps candidates prepare for the NetBackup certification exam by providing them with a wide range of materials and resources that will help them cover all the domains required. This includes preparation guides, training recommendations, sample practice tests, popularly appearing topics etc. All this information is available on the official Veritas portal or on various partner channels that offer certification programs.

2. Read about the Veritas Corporation Confidentiality Agreement and Testing Policies for Exam Security:

This is a vital step that all candidates must follow. You need to accept each of these agreements and all the policies within them before you sit for the exam. 

3. Good things take time:

You cannot complete the entire certification training in a single day and expect to get through the exam. Preparing for a NetBackup certification requires repeated reading and learning for several hundreds of hours. However, at the end of it all, it will be worth it. When you enrol in a credible training course, you will get a wide range of tools that will enable you to engage with a large community of tech experts and fellow learners. You will also have the opportunity to learn with these experts one-on-one and compare your progress with your peers. You can also solve practice exams to get better results.

4. Always go back to the basics:

Several certifications contain information that you might not fully understand without completing the foundational certification course. Some require one test to pass while others need more than two. If the NetBackup certification seems too hard in some parts, it might help to revisit older certifications and their curriculum. This could give you sufficient clarity. 

5. Read the Testing Objectives Whenever Possible:

Every certification exam you give will have varying objectives. Most vendors provide these objectives to aspiring candidates to tell them why they’re giving the exam. This covers all relevant topics and subjects, everything you need to learn and the purpose of each relevant domain to the role in future. You must always know the goals your current certification exam is focused on achieving. 

NetBackup Certification Exam Security:

Veritas works closely with Pearson VUE in a close, mutually beneficial relationship. This partnership aims to ensure that the NetBackup certification maintains its integrity with time. Like other certifications, the NetBackup certification also abides by several rules. One key rule is that all candidates need to sign the Veritas Confidentiality Agreement and accept it before starting the exam.

Veritas NetBackup Certification Exam Curriculum:

Several training courses prepare candidates for the NetBackup credential. These courses are provided by several credible partner platforms that provide several interesting features and functions besides just reading material. These features include personal one-to-one sessions and mentorship, multiple practice exams, hands-on experience and updated and credible study resources. 

When candidates solve sample tests, they can understand the level of difficulty and the format in which they are expected to write. They also need to understand how to manage time in the exam and operate in the exam environment. 

Prerequisites of a Veritas NetBackup Certification:

Every certification you will apply for has a list of prerequisites that all candidates must meet so that they are eligible for the certification exam. The Veritas NetBackup Certification also has several prerequisites, which are: 

  • Basic computer literacy

  • Reviewing skills for NetBackup skills

  • Performance improvement in NetBackup

  • Disaster recovery performance

  • Disaster recovery preparation

  • NDMP backup management

  • NetBackup optimisation for deduplication

  • Oracle backup management

  • Backup concept application

  • MS Sharepoint backup management

  • MS Exchange backup management

  • SQL backup management

  • NetBackup environment security

  • NetBackup cloud solution implementation

  • VM protection enhancement

Take the next step for your career and start preparing for a NetBackup certification today.


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