How To Get Your Luxury Watch Valued

Are you a watch enthusiast? Do you like collecting state-of-the-art branded watches? Be it a chronograph, pilot or diving watch or any other type of luxury timepiece, you have them in your collection. You adore them for their features and like to flaunt them as often as you can. But have you thought about watch valuation?


If you have received an antique timepiece passed down as heirloom by your grandfather, getting it valued is the most essential step. A valuation certificate comes in handy for insurance purpose or if you want to sell it then also it is the most useful document. When getting a Rolex valuation, make sure that you get it done by a leading appraisal company. Only an expert valuer can let you know the true value of your timepiece.



Factors That Affect Your Watch's Worth


Brand: A popular high-end brand always seeks more value than a non-branded timepiece. Brands like Rolex, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, IWC Schaffhausen etc value more. If you own any of these brands, your coveted piece would fetch you a higher price in the market.


Model: Next comes the model. Yes, some models of Rolex are always in demand. Watch connoisseurs adore these models. An aesthetically designed model with amazing features will for sure be the most sought-after. Apart from beauty, scarcity also affects the worth of a timepiece. With time, the value of a model can increase and this is the reason why one must get the valuation done from time to time.


A trustworthy appraisal company that you can bank on is Prestige Valuations. They offer various services, including jewellery valuations, bespoke jewellery, art appraisal, antique and handbag valuation.


Ownership Proof: This is the most important document to be shown to know the accurate value of your piece. It proves the authenticity of your coveted item. If you also have the original box of the watch, nothing better than that. The receipt that proves that you bought it comes in handy when taking out an insurance policy. All these increase the value of your timepiece.


A timepiece is an essential accessory and if it has been handed down to you as a family heirloom, it becomes a prized possession. In such a case, its value is very high in the antique market. Not just a timepiece but even art pieces are valued. If you own paintings or antique sculptors in your possession, art valuation will ensure you know your collection's true value.


Condition: Yes, of course, the condition of your Rolex or any other coveted piece will impact its value. If your timepiece is still as shiny as new, you can expect a better price. But if there are scratches or it is broken or damaged, in that case, the value will go down. Properly maintaining your items can fetch you a better price.


To know the accurate value of your piece, seek professional advice. Experts at Prestige Valuations can help you with fine art valuation, furniture, handbags, jewellery and watch valuation.



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