How to grow my health & loss my weight in 25 days


I am going to tell you today some good information about health.


So friends, all of you know that nowadays everyone is worried about their health.


If someone is troubled by obesity, then whether it is a boy or a girl due to thinness, everyone has trouble.


If someone is fat then he has to be thin and if someone is thin then he has to be fat, then I will tell everyone's trouble in this post.


So friends, the most important thing is that you should go for daily Shuba running, both girls and boys get an energy from it.


Every day you have to drink 1 glass of water in the morning and eat 1 banana.


And you have to hustle and do yoga every day, it gives a different energy in your body.


And when you go to sleep, it is a very good thing, whenever you go in the morning or in the evening, you do not have to drink water at all while singing, just for 1 hour.


Start taking your diet only after 15 minutes after Gayam, eat Bay Jeus and Mill Banana Gram Soyabean


And if you go on singing every time, then you do not have to leave the game, you have to do 20 minutes daily for 21 days, after that you can do 1 hour.



You have to take a good diet, daily you have to find eggs, rice and soyabean seeds and bread breakfast in good quantity, you should not have any deficiency in the body.



So friends, this diet and Gayam Patel were for the people, now I am going to talk to the fat people about how to get rid of their obesity.


Guys, listen carefully if you are fat and you want to be thin in real looking handsome... then you have to work hard


I'll tell you in Daily Joe. That has to be done and the rules have to be kept in mind, which I will tell.


You will notice the difference in your body in under 25 days. Let's start sleeping.


You have to take 1 bag and put 10 thick books in it and you have to walk 3 kms


And after that you have to come back and after that you have to come and sit at home, you have to rest for a while.


And yes you don't have to say anything, don't even drink water, OK.



So now you have to take a book in English and to read 5 chapters, just for 3 hours


Then you have to rest for a while and after that we have 20 minutes in your house.


But remember you do not have to say anything, now you have to see the time, if it is 3 o'clock then you have to eat 1 roti, just nothing else


Then you have to take rest, keep in mind that you do not have to lose, you have to be thin.


Now you want to watch TV and do nothing


When it is night, you have to eat at 9 o'clock in the stomach bar OK


Then you have to do the same thing daily and do not eat bread all day, do not eat breakfast


Try 21 days and see if you have any difference then you must share this post.


Thanks for reading the whole post


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