How to launch a taxi booking app in 2021? A Beginner's Guide

Greetings! At contemporary times, we are witnessing the sustained growth of taxi services. Many companies have launched their taxi services, each compelling their way towards the top. If starting a business is tough, then standing out from potential competitors is even more stringent. That’s why business owners keep rejuvenating their business strategies to project themselves out from competitors. 

In this row, Uber rolls out several new features to meet with modern trends. Recently, Uber released new features concerning the safety of the passenger and the driver. Also, the company released a package delivery service called “Uber connect,” which delivers packages from one user to another. This service seems welcoming among users as they can easily send parcels to others. 

So, it is always essential to be aware of the market trends and focus on developing a ride-hailing app based on the situation. The only key to keep your business sustainable is by implementing the latest features.

How was the growth of the taxi services in 2020?

In early 2020, the taxi industry faced a sudden downfall due to the shackles thrown by the pandemic. As people were confined to their homes, the taxi services were almost blurred. But gradually, the taxi industry regained its position by adopting safety measures like frequent sanitization, social distancing, etc. Some taxi services even used “Ozone treatment” to disinfect the taxis. These safety measures created a sense of assurance to users, and they have started using taxi services for commuting. 

The taxi services were seeing oscillating growth at the beginning of the year. But after the pandemic, when the taxi services resumed, it has started to keep running at a faster pace.

What is in store for the taxi business in 2021?

As referenced earlier, the taxi services have resumed, and users are giving continued patronage by preferring taxis over public transport. People will choose private taxis because they can travel in isolation that eliminates even the slightest possibility of virus transmission. Whereas, in public transports, people will have to jostle with other passengers that risks the safety of passengers. And not to leave, people adhere to taxis as they are more convenient and affordable. All these points will add to the evidence that the taxi business will continue to flourish in 2021 and beyond.

What is the plan of Uber in 2021?

As Uber is known for its innovative and modernistic ideas, the company has formulated the rollout of e-vehicles across different cities. To proceed with this initiative, the company has partnered with automobile startups to launch the e-vehicles. If Uber launches e-vehicles, several competitors will see a diversion in their growth as people will prefer greener options to others. Let us wait and watch the consequences Uber will bring in the next 12 months.

Why should you Launch an app like Uber in 2021?

As pointed out, earlier Uber implements several futuristic approaches to their taxi service. The app has a diverse set of features like ride-sharing, book now or later, multiple dropoff points, different payment options, real-time tracking of the vehicle, trip history, and much more exciting features. All these features are bundled together in providing a smooth ride experience for users. 

If you are a curious business person, desiring to enter the taxi business, you can very well choose the ready-made Uber clone app. You can enlist all the above features and add more to make your app more appealing to your users. Let us explore the set of features that will shed some limelight on your taxi service.

Features of the user app

Ride request- Users can book the taxi by entering their location details and timings.

Estimated time of arrival- Users will get an estimation regarding the arrival time of the taxi to their destined location. The app will generate the time of arrival once users enter the source and destination.

Schedule rides- Users can book a ride for later by using the schedule ride feature. All they have to do is, enter the source, destination, date, and time of the taxi service. The in-app calendar saves this info and generates the service on the specified date.

Book for others- Users can request a ride for others, maybe their friends or family persons using this feature.

Track vehicle- The tracking feature helps users to know where the vehicle is currently moving. Users can track vehicles right away from the app itself.

Payment options- While users choose taxi services for its convenience, they expect the same in your service. Allow users to select their convenient payment method by listing several options like cash, cards, and other digital payment methods.

Reviews- The review section may seem to be a great critic for your services, but it helps to improve your services.

Driver app features

Availability toggle- Drivers can set their availability by moving the toggle button accordingly. Ride requests will be mapped to available drivers.

Accept/reject requests- Drivers can make their work flexible by either accepting or rejecting the ride requests.

Route finder- The app makes the driver’s work simple by assisting in finding the shortest route. 

Invoice- The app generates an invoice at the end of every trip. The invoice includes passenger/user name, source, destination, date, payment mode, and time of the ride.

Features of the admin panel

Driver verification- The admin allows drivers to join the app after verifying their information like name, address, email ID, mobile number, and driving license.

Trip report- The admin will get a comprehensive report on the rides booked via the app. The admin can scrutinize the number of rides, duration, and earnings from this feature.

Sub-admins- The admin can carry out the business process seamlessly, by appointing sub-admins to assist in the overall management.

Earning report- As an investor, it is essential to know the revenue generated by the app frequently. The admin can view the earnings report to monitor the in-app revenue.



Well, the blog may seem to be exhaustive, but it is written to provide the best of best recommendations for starting your taxi-hailing business. I am sure you will come out with flying colors in the taxi-hailing business. Good luck!


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