How To Launch The Best-classified App Like Olx Promptly?

Buying and selling used goods existed right from the time of bartering. Few people wanted to get rid of used goods to save some space or to buy new goods. On the other hand, few can’t afford to buy new goods and look forward to buying used goods for a lesser cost. Earlier, flea markets were the only place to connect them.


This caught the eye of many entrepreneurs, and they built an app that connects sellers and buyers directly. As smartphones are easily available to everyone in this digital era, building an app that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers in close proximity gained popularity among the users.


What Is OLX Clone App?


Olx is a classified marketplace that allows people to buy and sell goods like electronics, furniture, apparel, household goods, cars, and bikes. Olx makes it simple for users to easily buy, sell, or exchange goods with just a few clicks. Online classified marketplaces help spot the target audience easily and ensure that the ad has reached suitable people.


Workflow of Olx app


By entering the relevant information, users can sign up for the app. The registration process is quick and collects data like contact details, address, name, etc.


Add your product

Users can upload the picture or short video of the product. A short description of the product can also be written to make people understand the product more precisely.


Verification process

The admin panel verifies the product. The details provided by the seller are validated with the product.



Upon successful verification, the product is ready to get displayed in the listings. The listings are an ocean of products that allows buyers to have a wide choice of options to choose their desired product.


Customer search

The customer searches the product listings and goes through the descriptions of the products, and chooses the right product.


Chat with customers

The buyers and sellers can chat via the app. The buyers can negotiate or ask for more information about the product from the seller.


What Is An Olx Clone App? How Can It Be Used To Monetize?

Olx clone app is a ready-to-launch classified app that consists of highly advanced features and functions just like the original app. 


The revenue model of the Olx clone app

Transaction fee

A percentage of the commission goes to the app owner for every transaction happening in the app. This brings in consistent revenue to the app.


Premium ad fee

By enabling the advantage of premium listings, charges are applicable for the sellers to display their ads on the top of the list. This tends to likely draw the attention of buyers quickly.


Google ads

Placement of google ads in your app’s product page can simultaneously increase the traffic and earn a vast amount of money.


Advertisement fee

Sponsored ads can also be displayed on the banners in order to increase transaction probability for the seller community. An advertisement fee is imposed for every ad placed in your app.


Summing up,


Online shopping has become the new normal. It is even preferable when there are options to buy the desired goods at a much relatively low cost via the classified app. Apart from buying and selling used goods, an app like Olx can be utilized to do a variety of actions like posting job alerts, auction arena, etc. Get going with the Olx clone app development that can potentially leverage your classified business to the next level. We at Appdupe can help you get your white-label Olx clone app which can be customized according to your business needs and launch in a short span.


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