How to recover Hacked Twitter account?

If your Twitter account has been hacked, it can be very difficult to regain access to it. Most people will be quick to "forget" to deactivate their Twitter account, only to find that it's gone forever. Here are some tips to make sure you can get back into your Twitter account.

Manual Recovery

First, you might lose access to your Twitter account should you manually reset the password. Twitter keeps on holding on to the old password for thirty days before releasing it to anyone else who might want to use it. If you choose to recover Twitter account by resetting the password,

Follow these steps first.

     On the main "Help" page of the Twitter site,

     go to "Help" and then "reset password."

     This will open a new window or tab

where you can type in your Twitter username and new password. Be sure to include a close quote before using your new password, such as "123456."

If your Twitter account got hacked and you need to recover Twitter account, the next step is to look for an email address that you did not save on your computer. Many people forget to save the email address they use on a computer, and usually this is where an hacker can get their foot in the door. Once you have an email address, type the domain name of the domain where your Twitter account is located in the search box and click the search button. You might also enter a partial URL, which is the part of an address that includes the query term in it.

Finding Email Address

If you cannot find an email address on the Internet, or if the domain name is too long, you will probably need to use a different method to get to your Twitter account. In these cases, you will probably not be able to use the "reset password" feature on Twitter. If you are able to get onto the Twitter site, you might be able to see the message "You are now blocked due to violation of our Terms of Service." If you have forgotten your Twitter password, the best method for how to recover Twitter account is to change the password by following the instructions on the reset password page.

Set a New Twitter Password

However, if your password was compromised, you can still get into your Twitter account by changing your user ID and then creating a new password. You can get into your Twitter account by selecting "uid" and then "handle." This will bring up the profile's details and you will be able to see your user ID and password. If you have a new password, you can change your user ID and then create a new password and you will be able to get into your hacked Twitter account.

If you are able to enter the correct username and password but you can't get onto the Twitter site, you might have to try one of the many "hooting" steps that Twitter offers. The first thing you can try is typing "help" in the url field. You should see some options on the page such as "ocrinology," "physical therapy," "weight management," etc. If you have typed the wrong username, make sure to click search and try again; there are more chances that you can get into the Twitter site this way.

Try to contact the Twitter

The second option you have is to contact Twitter. If you have an email address where the hackers have found your Twitter account, there is a chance that they can contact you as well. To make sure, write down any suspicious email address and contact the owner of the email address. In this way, you will be able to recover the password reset as well as find out who hacked you in the first place.

The third option you have is to contact the phone number of the person who hacked you. There is a big possibility that the person who hacked your account has an alphanumeric telephone number. These phone numbers are not listed on any directories so finding the owners of these numbers can be difficult.

The last option is to use the link provided in the tweet and use the password reset feature on Twitter to gain access to the account. 

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