If Feminism Could Talk

While we constantly hear stories of women suffering in a patriarchal society, undeniably, there are men on the other hand who are stuck in matrimonial quarrels due to alleged misuse of laws. Inequalities exist in nature. The problem arises when these biological differences start defining the social differences between men and women. The section of society has a completely inapt conception about me. Women have started demanding everything in the name of me. I am not about having the girls section painted in pink, or not having to shave your arms, or not devising to be an epitome of beauty. These are the concerns of modern people who have misconstrued and misplaced the term, probably placed to a different level altogether. 

What started as a movement for securing equal rights for women, I have shifted my significance and have now become a mere tool to harass men, draw undue favors, spread ingrained prejudice against men, and fulfill irrational demands in the name of women equality. I have now apparently become synonymous to ‘authoritarianism’ which is truly devastating in today’s world. Women’s rights are not AGAINST THE PEOPLE, but AGAINST THE WRONG DEEDS MEN DO and the repercussions that WOMEN FACE. Society needs to accept the fact that women are no longer going to endure being submissive and treated not equivalent to men. Once again, women are not AGAINST men, women are AGAINST the society and its orthodox thinking that treats women unequally. I have granted certain powers and women have gotten addicted to its taste. There are several cases where I have been misused to an extent that innocent men have had to face dire consequences. There are quite a few laws that state that if a woman accuses a man of harassing her, then the man has to handle his case and prove himself innocent. Marriages are deteriorating over the years; relationships are turning into bitter wars, and the power struggle continues for both the genders to equally respect each other.

Let’s remember that I am about demanding equal rights, not above men, neither an inch below. Women deserve the same opportunities in life, and so, let’s strive for that day when the term “feminism” is no longer required to achieve a position that talks about walking shoulder to shoulder with our heads held high! 

I am not a dirty word, I do not mean to hate men, I do not mean to hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, I do not mean to only care about one specific gender…I mean to believe in equality and making this world a better place for each and everyone to live in. 

I am equality: politically; culturally; socially; economically. That’s it, that simple.    

                                                                                                                 -Luvina ♡




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