Importance of Graders in the Construction Industry

Uses of Grader

The purpose motor graders serve it’s a fine grading material and loving the surface of the ground to prepare it for road construction work. Only after it the gravel road has been graded is it ready for the asphalt to be laid on it. Although besides road work there are other tasks that motor graders are used for, for instance, you can see these machines being used at civil construction sites for earth work. You can also spot graders working at mining and railway sites. Although graders are used for different tasks its key applications include road and civil construction, railway work and mining sites.

Grader Attachments

Construction equipment allows for attachments that enhance the performance of the machine. You can use a number of different equipment and attachments with the machine to perform specific tasks. Graders are no exception to this rule you can use attachments with them to perform certain tasks.

There are two main attachments that contractors use with graders, the ripper and dozer blade. The dozer blade is attached to the front of the grader and is mostly used in road grading projects. It helps in removing the dirt and gravel on the road along with any fallen rocks or tree stumps. Apart from being useful in clearing and flattening the road surface they are also helpful in bulldozing. A lot of people working in the industry look for attachments when they are looking for motor graders for sale so they don’t have to worry about it after starting work.

The ripper is attached to the back of the grader. This attachment is useful in ripping through material that’s packed tightly. The teeth like design of the ripper makes the entire process smooth.

Future of Graders in the Industry

Construction industry continues to evolve however there are some things that are a staple for the industry. Heavy machinery like motor graders are an irreplaceable part of the industry. Even if modern tech makes construction of some projects simpler it still won't be able to replace equipment like grades. Graders are expected to be in demand in the next few years with the growing number of projects.

Type, Size and Power

Motor graders are most commonly used for grading in projects but the type of grader you use for the project varies.

Typically motor graders have three axles, a cab, and the blade. This motor grader model is used for all kind of jobs whether they involve rough grading or fine grading. A lot of times motor graders are used in place of scrapers and bulldozers for rough grading procedures. Although if there is a road construction project underway, than the grader will be used for fine grading and compaction to prepare the road for further work.

There are a couple of different types of motor graders in the market, such as rigid frame graders and articulate frame graders. These days articulate frame graders are the ones that are made and used most commonly. Rigid frame graders were popular back in the eighties and nineties.

Articulated frame graders are more popular now because they can be used in small spaces with little room to move. That is why now mostly these are the types of graders created, although they differ in size and power and are used in projects according to their working capacity.




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