Information Technology and the Relevance in Our Lives

The first programmable computer was invented around 1943, it was during World War II, in an effort to help British codebreakers track down encrypted German communications, in an effort to keep the British Army one step ahead of German strategy. Since then, technology has evolved tremendously and at the time of writing, there are hundreds of computer manufacturers and millions of computers so scattered around the world that it's hard to find yourself in a place where you can't find one near you.


The computer has played an important role in the growth of technology in the 20th century and continues to provide us with great support in the growth of today; and as many of us can predict, it will in the future.

Flow of information

Almost all information exchanged in the world today flows through computer networks and especially the Internet. The internet has become the hub of information exchange for all computers and is very fast and efficient.

Network services

Many network services and protocols have been developed to allow this vast web of interconnected computers to communicate with each other: Domain Name Service (DNS), Internet Protocol (IP), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) are a few that come to mind first, but there are hundreds that enable the flow of information across data networks.

Technological growth

This technological growth has resulted in the development of a solid infrastructure capable of managing and maintaining all these data networks and computer systems. IT service providers, database administrators, network administrators, IT managed service providers, Internet service providers and more are among those who play a vital role in keeping all these systems operational.

This whole era of technological development has been very useful and positive for humanity, providing us with very useful tools, in fact these technologies are so deeply integrated into our lives that it is almost impossible to live without.

Negative effects

Of course, the excessive use of computers, internet, video games and other smart devices as we know them today has some drawbacks that can negatively affect our lives, for example children and people who spend too much time in front of computers can suffer. conduct disorders and may have difficulty getting along with other children or other people. That is why it is so important to use the available technology wisely. Although these technologies together have made humanity more productive and enabled us to have strong databases of knowledge that we can share with each other and access whenever we want, for example which of us is not using any of the search engines. online engines to find the answers to frequently asked questions that arise in our daily lives.



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