International Tea Day: 5 Myths About Tea You Should Stop Believing Today

The International Tea Day is seen on May 21 consistently, as indicated by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Association. Tea-delivering states like Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uganda, and Tanzania commend another 'Global Tea Day on December fifteenth. Two days to celebrate one single refreshment, it should be a correct thing? Indeed, it is. Tea is indeed, perhaps the most generally devoured drinks all throughout the planet. It is made by preparing tea leaves, with or without milk and sugar. The tea development in India began at a fantastic scope during the 'English Raj', who basically needed to challenge China's predominance in the domain. In under a century, India arose as one of the greatest tea-creating states ever. 


Pretty much every Indian family today has a committed dabba for tea (or chai as we call it). This is the drink you start your day with, and this is the thing that you need in the wake of a monotonous day at work. The drink isn't simply kept to homes; from nearby chai ungulates to fancy tea houses and bistros - tea and tea sweethearts can be found everywhere of this country. However notwithstanding, there are numerous fantasies identified with tea that has been around for some time. It doesn't make any difference if you are a chai-sweetheart, you should know reality behind these unconfirmed cases, here are a few. 


1. Tea Does Not Expire: 


Similar as the majority of the things in your kitchen, tea isn't undying. In the event that your chai ka dabba has tea from the date you can't remember and has a marginally malodorous smell, which is unmistakably not the same as the beautiful fragrance of tea, at that point it is ideal to throw it out. 


Tea isn't interminable 


2. Green Tea Is Instant Fat Burning Remedy: 


The catechins present in green tea are appeared to help digestion and increment fat consuming, however that doesn't mean you can simply rests on your sofa, drinking green tea throughout the day. Weight reduction is a blend of diet and exercise. Alongside 2-3 cups of green tea every day, you likewise need to work it out a ton. 


3. Adding Milk To Tea Destroys Its Benefits: 


Dark tea is unquestionably more grounded however adding milk to tea doesn't mess with the advantages of tea. It is said that the idea of adding milk to tea began with the British, who accepted that the hot tea may instigate a break in their china cups. Adding milk would chill off the drink a piece, and furthermore add a velvety flavor to the refreshment. Milk additionally fills in as a characteristic sugar. 


4. Decaffeinated Tea Is Caffeine-Free: 


As crippling as it might sound, however even decaffeinated tea comprises of a follow measure of caffeine, around 2-10 milligrams for every cup generally. On the off chance that you need to scale back caffeine totally, you may choose home grown teas. 


Tea is additionally loaded with numerous medical advantages 


5. Tea Is Dehydrating: 


Tea is a diuretic in nature, overabundance tea will cause expanded entry of pee. Yet, that doesn't mean your body will be exhausted of fundamental liquids. Plus, tea is made with bubbling water, some additionally add milk to the drink. Subsequently it very well may be a decent drink to oblige your hydration needs. In any case, it MUST be guaranteed that the hot brew in burned-through with some restraint. 


Cheerful International Tea Day, everyone!

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