Is the SHAREit App Helps to Share Files and Data?

SHAREit is a free app that helps you transfer your files to another device without an internet connection. You can share files of any type and size, and it doesn't matter if the devices are connected to the internet or not.

It's perfect for quickly sharing your files to another device or gaming app. You can also use this app to make important backups of your data. Unlike other methods like Google Drive, SHAREit does not need an active internet connection to facilitate the file transfer.


What is SHAREit?

SHAREit Group is a Singapore-based company offering its core product SHAREit app as a unique digital content platform and one of the best android file-sharing apps in the market. It works for nearly all operating systems, including iOS, Mac devices, windows, etc. 

Here is what you get by installing SHAREit on your phone: 

  1. Frictionless File Sharing Experience: This file-sharing app does not require an internet connection. More importantly, it can transfer multiple files at a time and is entirely free of cost. Thus, you can quickly transfer several files within seconds without even draining your internet. 
  2. Security: One of the significant reasons for the rising popularity of this app is its high security. The files are highly encrypted, which prevents chances of any data breach. The app enhances security by using sophisticated authentication engines. For instance, a user needs to enter a code before transferring the files, preventing any data breach.  All the apps downloaded from the SHAREit platform are authenticated from Google which adds another layer to security.
  3. Gaming Centre: This app differs from other generic sharing applications because SHAREit has a unique gaming centre. This gaming centre enables users to access a plethora of gaming content and play online games. Even more, users can access the gaming centre to download games without logging in and share them with their peers. 
  4. HD Content: SHAREit app has a plethora of regional content, videos, gaming videos, etc. It also has a fully-fledged video player, giving users control over how to consume these videos. Moreover, you can download and view the videos later. 

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How to Download SHAREit On Your Device?

You can download SHAREit from the Google Playstore or iOS Appstore on your device. You can also download the app from the official SHAREit website. In order to use the SHAREit app, you only have to create an avatar, so other users can recognise you and share and receive files. Once registration is complete, you can use SHAREit.


How to Connect the SHAREit App to Multiple Devices?

SHAREit offers a convenient and straightforward way to share files on any device. With an app that works with Android, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems, you can easily connect to any of your devices. First, go to the app's homepage and scan for nearby devices to connect to multiple devices. Choose the device you wish to connect to and select Send or Receive depending on what action you want to perform.


SHAREit: Digital Content Distribution Platform

The application lets you download and manage files. It also has some other features like playing games and watching videos. The app is available in various languages like English, Arabic, Russian, and Hindi.

SHAREit's cross-platform app can help you reach even the most remote corners of the world where people are utilising this multi-purpose app. SHAREit has partnered with Google Play Store to provide you with authentic and trustworthy apps.



SHAREit is a global digital content application where you can watch relatable and new online videos and play online games on the Game Centre available on the app. For the B2B audience, the app also provides various solutions for advertising your products or services to the app's users.

SHAREit allows you to stream digital entertainment content without making a separate account or registering for every aspect of the app. It has been declared a world leader in the offline and online app categories. It allows you to stream videos online and offline, transfer multiple files across devices without failure or lags, and play trending games on the Game Centre. You can also share videos from SHAREit with your friends and family on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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