Launch the Teladoc Clone App That Guarantees Seamless Medical Consultation

Hello! At times like the pandemic stepping out from our doorstep is a nightmare. Right from getting daily essentials to medical facilities one has to think twice before moving out. To eradicate the uncertain scenario, the on-demand services came as a goodspell. As most of the on-demand services circle over food delivery and grocery delivery, make your business stand out from the crowd by rolling out the on-demand medical services. Let us see how you can accomplish this with an app.


What is the sole purpose of developing a doctor on-demand app?

You may or may not be familiar with the Doctor On Demand clone app. Anyway this blog will cover the entire concept of the Teladoc clone app and help you to develop a similar app. 

The app will bring patients and doctors inline and offer remote medical services. For better understanding let us have a glimpse of the working model.


  1. Patients will have to create a profile by giving their details like name, age, type of health complexity, contact number, etc.,

  2. Once the patient creates the profile, he/she can select the type of medical service and the doctor of the concerned specialization.

  3. The patient’s request will be notified to the concerned doctor and he/she will provide consultation.

  4. The patient can request for any type of consultation like chat, video call, or in-person visit.

  5. Once the patient avails of the remote medical consultation, he/she can save the video or message for future reference.

I hope that the above steps will help you in understanding the overall workflow of the app. As a next section, we shall step into the features associated with the doctor on-demand app.


Parade of features included in the app

The Patient App


  • Profile creation

Patients can register on the platform and get verified by the admin. The details need to be provided include, name, gender, age, complexity, contact number, and email ID. Once the patient submits all these details, he/she can access the app.


  • Search for doctors

The patient can search for doctors by looking at the list of doctors registered on the platform. In addition to this manual search, the patient can filter doctors based on their specialization, and years of experience in the field. 


  • Video consultation

Patients who prefer a live video consultation can opt for this feature. The doctor and the patient will have to be available for the video call at the specified date and time. Another highlighting feature is the recording feature. The patient can record the video call and save it for future reference.


  • Conference call

The app lets the patient add their friends or relatives to join the video call. This feature will be of great help to patients who don’t have knowledge on medical terms or are illiterate. 


  • Book appointments

If you think that the app is only for remote medical consultation, then you are wrong. The app lets patients book appointments for visiting hospitals or clinics in-person. Patients can also schedule their appointments using the calendar integrated in the app.


  • Booking history

Patients and doctors can view their past appointments and consultations under the booking history section. It includes details like name of the patient, doctor’s name, mode of consultation, consultation fees, etc.,


  • Payment modes

Once patients get their medical consultation, they are liable to pay the fees to the doctors. Using the app’s different payment gateways, patients can process their payments without any hassles.


  • Push notifications

Push notification feature is an essential part of every app. Here, both doctors and patients will receive notifications regarding the appointments, payment and other service related alerts.


  • Reviews and ratings

Patients can leave their reviews regarding the service and also read reviews given by other users. Reviews will aid patients to select the best doctors.


Benefits your users will take away with the Teladoc clone app

  • People who dwell in remote villages can avail medical services via the app

  • The online consultation will reduce the transportation cost for users

  • Patients can fix appointments according to their convenience

  • Doctors can earn additional income via the app other than their regular income

  • patients can get consultation from different medical practitioners across specializations

Revenue sources associated with the app


Registration fees

Doctors who wish to register on the app must pay the registration fees. 


Commission fees

Doctors must pay a certain percentage of their fees as commission to you. The commission amount will be based on the number of appointments they take up, and the fees collected.


Subscription model

Like any other service, you can include the subscription plans. Patients can choose the type of subscription either monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans.



If you introduce this doctor on-demand app, your growth is quite certain. Patients and doctors will find this app as a great platform for virtual healthcare services. Launch a Teladoc clone app and keep winning the hearts of your users. 


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