Launching a super app like Gojek is the best fit for your multi-services business

Welcome! If you are a business person who awes to provide smart services to end-users, this blog is all ears. The origin of the Internet Of Things (IoT) has set the base for automation that heaves sigh to monotonous work. Let us look at a few real-life scenarios where automation transfigured the manual process.

In the previous decades, we used to write letters to establish communication with our friends and families. The conventional cards were ruled with the onset of mobile phones. Text messaging has become popular. But the instant messaging apps flipped the traditional text messaging by offering several smart options to communicate with others. If someone wants to convey the same message to multiple people, they must write the same message on various cards. But the broadcast feature in the instant messaging apps facilitates users to convey the same message to multiple people. 

Likewise, most of our daily tasks are getting automated, thereby making way for a more sophisticated lifestyle. In this content, on-demand services are cutting away the need to visit shops to get the required services.

"On time delivery" is synonymous with these on-demand services. Users can choose their preferred delivery service and tap in their address. It's done! The service will reach their place within the mentioned time. 

We dwell in an era of super apps like Gojek 

The name super app personifies apps that provide multiple on-demand services from a single app. Though technology has developed, there still prevails the need to make certain things better. We use different apps for availing of various online services. Say, we order food from an app, order groceries from another app, transfer funds to friends/families with other apps. The chain of apps involved to fulfill our needs doesn't seem to end. To break this chain, the super apps come in handy.

Multiple services, one solution is the highlight of the super apps. These apps condense various services in them and offer them to users on request. Users can avail of multiple services from a single app, and app owners can increase their user base, growth, and revenue. A single app, multiple benefits for all! Launching a multi-services on-demand app like Gojek has become easy with the help of ready-made app solutions like the Gojek clone script.

Current trendsetters in offering multiple on-demand services

Apps like Gojek, WeChat, Rappi are the existing multi-service giants. Among these, Gojek is the pioneer to set up the multi-services business. The company is based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, and has around 38 million active users as of the year 2020. Initially, the company was eminent for its ride-hailing services, but afterward, it expanded its verticals to offer other services.

According to the latest reports, Gojek provides 20+ services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, payment services, etc.; the app has the potential to process several service requests in a flash, which makes it more appealing for users. Another backbone of Gojek is its delivery partners. The company has established partnerships with several delivery partners so that they can offer seamless delivery.

The company has recently signed an agreement with delivery partners like Deliveroo, Advo, Ebb and Flow Group to multiply the number of drivers associated with their services.

Purpose of building the Gojek clone app

With clone app development, you can welcome several benefits, not just one or two. The clone app is ready-made or ready-to-launch app. Clone app development companies provide these app solutions with several options like customizability, scalability, and white-labeling. Let us uncover each of these benefits one by one. 

  • Customization 

Firstly, the clone apps have a customization option. While building an app from basic, you can pinpoint every requirement and build the app accordingly. But with clone apps, you may think it's not possible, but actually, it is possible to customize the app. Add or delete the set of features you want to deploy. Choose the UI theme for your app. You can decide the final outlook of the app.

  • Scalable

Initially, you may incorporate a few features or services according to your budget and user preferences. But as your business amplifies, you need to update your app with the latest features. For example, initially, you design the app to offer 2 or 3 services, but later, you wish to extend the services. In those cases, the scalability option will help you add your preferences to the app without purchasing another app.

  • White-label

As the app development company develops your app, you need to rebrand the app to mark your ownership. White-labeling is the concept where the developer gives ownership to the source code and the app. There are app development companies that provide white-label solutions free of cost.

Revenue channels of apps like Gojek

Commission- Every business gains a substantial amount of revenue from commissions. Vendors or service providers have to pay you a commission fee for every order they take up via your app.

Customer fee- A fair cost is deducted from users as a customer fee as they enjoy multiple services from your app.

Delivery fee- Users must pay shipping charges or delivery charges for every order or service they receive. The delivery fee collected from users will account for the salary of delivery partners.

Steps to build a super app like Gojek

  1. First, you have to choose the type of platform you want to launch the app. Native, Hybrid or cross-platform, and web app.

  2. Make a check on the list of features you want in the app. It is recommended to do competitor research and includes features accordingly.

  3. It would be great if the app has features like GPS integration, multiple payment modes, analytics, location tracker, geo-fencing, order/service history, schedule booking, multilingual, push notifications, etc.,

  4. Once you tick all these points, ensure the app is built according to your specifications before going live.


If you dream about transforming your dull business into a prosperous one, then building super apps is the best idea. You will surely encounter several challenges in your way, but a little patience and robust strategies will take you a long way.


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