Nowadays, the context” I'm stressed” has become very popular and we are used to it, in the office, at home, anywhere we live. There are many different things that can cause us to be stressed that we can compare to not being calm and not feeling comfortable. We have discovered that stress is not just how we feel, not in the head but in the whole body.
if you are stressed the consequences will be everywhere in the body, the blood path or ways may close, blood pressure increase, and also increase in heart rate, in this case, the hormones of cortisol and adrenaline increase in your blood, and when the stress does not calm down it will lead us to fall ill with the various diseases like
heart disease, weight gain for some and others losing weight, headache, stomach problems, Alzheimer’s, aging very quickly and also dying too earlyThe person suffering from stress disorder can also have Intellectual disorders, difficulty in carrying out simple tasks, Difficulty in making decisions, Insomnia despite fatigue, and tired awakenings.

                                                       Good news
of course that there is a means of prevention for stress or also a means of eliminating your stress. Here are keys term that will help you:
1. Just take a break breathe deeply: it means enter the air and making it out slowly for at least two minutes.
This exercise can be applied anywhere you are.
2. value every moment and everything you do in your life, and live the present because we don't know what tomorrow has for us (do not stress yourself for life)
3. Don't just think about the problems
4. Every second you live just enjoy it as a gift of life,
5. Hear your favorite music, play if you want,
6. Take the time to rest, to walk, to stretch your body
7. To let the tiring ideas pass, not for always but for a short time because it is the routine of our life on earth
8. Eat well and healthy meal
9. Learn to organize ourselves
10. Develop confidence in ourselves
11. Think about what is important to us, and give up the impossible
Stress is too dangerous for life, I beg you to try to manage all that surrounds you because it is all there to make us remember who we are.
take this as a slogan "Leave out stress and live long "



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