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The life I live is my own. Why should I be denying myself the best of my life? Why should I care about someone else than myself? If I'm supposed to sacrifice myself to help others, then why am I born? The whole idea of "dying to self" is absurd. In this article, I'll give you five ways to be yourself.

live life yourself

1. Only once in your life do you live is that isn't it?

You've been given just one chance, for a lifetime. Don't waste it regretting the mistakes you made.

Don't waste your time helping others as well as taking part in "good" things, because nobody ever will remember. It's only one life therefore you have to ensure that you make your mark. Explore everything you can, whether it's drugs wild parties, wild parties, or whatever. Many people are worried over what "consequences", but remember that there is no pain, and no gain, no courage or glory. If you pass away and you're not able to go out with fashion. Do not worry about quitting your school or working when you want to. Some people say it's "irresponsible", but they do not understand that You're a dreamer and do not get caught up in the details of the world. You can, of course, get a little help from those around you or get advice from buddies. This is what they're for.

Don't get yourself into a trap of being stingy. Are you looking for the latest phone complete with features? Get it. Are you thinking of a revamp to stay on top of the latest trends? Do not look old-fashioned, upgrade all of your clothes. Beware of those wet blankets that keep talking about how important it is to be thrifty, how you can save for rainy days Blah and blah. The best way to live your life is to be happy first and worry about later. Also, you'll always live by drinking water and bread when you're old. Cool people die this way.

2. You must take care of yourself first.

Do not put yourself ahead of others. What ridiculous! What can you do to help other people if you're not wealthy and prosperous? What can you do to be a good neighbor even if you're not in the best health first? What can you do to help other people, unless you're content and happy? You don't want them bring you down Do you?

So if you're tired after an afternoon spent at the shops or after a night of drinking Don't be ashamed of not going to a hospital or caring for your sick sibling or friend. In addition, you aren't going to want to get caught in the midst of whatever they're experiencing. In reality, you should be away from any sick person. If you'd rather spend an evening of peace and quiet with new games on your computer instead of a family gathering for Grandpa's 90th birthdaycelebration, remain home. Your health and wellbeing must always be the top priority regardless of what others consider.

If you must lend others assistance, for example in the event of a threat, make sure you're rewarded with something. There is no point in wasting time and energy unless you have something you can gain from the gesture. Remember the amount you had to give for them and the cost. Don't leave them in a state of less than a heartfelt thanks and a promise that you will repay the favor. Make sure that they repay the favor.

3. We're all gonna die anyway

Ash to dust, dust to dust. We came from the earth and will be back to earth. It doesn't really matter how we live our life. We'll always end up in the exact same spot, regardless. Obvious or not and right or wrong, we'll end up rotting or burning exactly the same way. Therefore, stop worrying over "eternal" consequences and talk about "moral" and "spiritual" options. The point is that you'll be able to speak your way out once you're there (or to the bottom).

Don't get caught over any "right" way to live. Remember that bad people are more popular and are able to make it into book of history. Do a good deed and nobody remembers. If you do something wrong and everyone will talk over it for months. Don't you would like to remember yourself?

4. Everyone has to be aware of oneself

Every one of us is accountable for our own personal life and well-being, not else's. If someone is experiencing difficulties, it's his own fault. It's not your responsibility to help them through it. You have your own issues to solve. Many people speak of the obligation to family friends, family, or whatever. Your first obligation is to take care of yourself. If you're not able to help yourself, then who else can?

It's true that we live in a world where dogs eat each other in competitiveness. Humans rank at highest level on the food pyramid since we've all survived in the fight of the fittest. If we began to coddle those who are weak and vulnerable, what could be the consequences for humanity? What could we do to make us better? When your loved one is insecure or weak and weak, it's on him to conquer it on his own. We all have to race the race we're running. The weak are the ones who deserve to die.

5. We're staying true to ourselves

There's no way to become an "better" person: each of us has distinct traits and personalities and these shouldn't be altered. If you're temperamental, you'll have to accept you for who you are. Your temperament is a sign of an individual who is passionate and they should appreciate you because of it. It's what distinguishes you. If you're direct, your worth is in honesty and openness. You should be proud of your achievements as your opinion are superior to those of weaklings who work to appear "polite" and "sensitive." Truth is always hurtful people, and they must be prepared to face it.

That means you shouldn't attempt to control or limit your words and actions in everyday life. If people don't like your words, actions, you do, or the way you act, it's your responsibility for them to accept the situation and change to suit your needs. If you feel that some person or thing doesn't make the cut, tell them so. This will benefit them in the end. If you are accused of being a snob, rude or even difficult, tell them that "That's just me."

Always be honest with yourself. Do not be pressured to make changes just because it's what people say is appropriate or is the "right" thing to do.


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