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Information is an important thing in our lives. Without the help of information the whole system would just collapse. But, what if someday you wake up and come to know that the information that was provided to you for years was wrong? For sometime you will not believe it, but gradually you will have to. This is something which could be related to the reputation of the Ghee. It has been defamed for causing diseases like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc, but all these facts are wrong. Ghee has many benefits that were not shared with us, but today in this article we will try to uncover those secret benefits of ghee.

Ghee in Ayurveda


Ghee or clarified butter is also known as the milk solid and believed to be the end product of milk. This is a main ingredient of Indian cuisine. With the goodness of its taste, every food item be it salty or sweets is enhanced in taste. Indian chapatis served in front of guests with ghee is considered as a good sign. Beyond its usage in our kitchens, it has a great importance in Ayurveda because of its numerous medicinal and healing properties. Sometimes references are also found in ancient texts where it is said to be food of gods. It is to be noted that it is cow's ghee which is said to be more beneficial than that of buffalo's ghee, because of its sattvic qualities. Let us today explore the advantages of ghee, how it could be used for a healthy brain and gut.

How is ghee more beneficial than milk?

One might wonder why to spend so much effort by collecting milk cream to make ghee out of it. As ghee is prepared by milk, why not simply consume milk directly? The reasons that ghee is more beneficial than milk are as follows:

1. Lactose Intolerance

For those individuals who are sensitive to the milk because of intolerance to casein and lactose, can digest ghee easily as ghee does not contain either of them.

2. Perseverance

It could be preserved way longer than milk. A milk could be preserved only for a few days that too need utmost care, whereas ghee could be preserved for months.

3. Good substitute for refined oils

One of the benefits of the ghee is, it is a great substitute for disease causing oils which have been prepared through refinery methods by adding chemicals which has an adverse effect on our health.

4. Sattvic qualities

As mentioned earlier, in ancient times it was referred to as a god's food, therefore it is believed that ghee increases sattvic qualities.

How does ghee help to nourish the brain?

Ghee is very beneficial for our brain. It improves memory and increases the intellect. Ghee is also good for ojas. The myelin sheaths of our brain that insulates each of our neurons are also made up of fat, that is why a good quality of fat in appropriate quantity is needed which could be done by consumption of ghee on a daily basis. Ghee also contains omega-3 fatty acids which play an essential role in reducing the inflammation from the body and also reduces the chances of dementia. Due to its high smoke point, it does not break easily and contains antioxidants that help the body to overcome the changes that are related to ageing. Studies suggest that patients who are suffering from Alzheimer's disease could slow down the progression of disease by consuming vitamin E. Therefore ghee being a good source of fat soluble vitamins, out of which vitamin E is one, could be used for Alzheimer's patients also. It helps in balancing the emotions, therefore promoting good mental health.

1. Good for gut health

Ghee is a good source of healthy fat. We need fats in our diet with protein and carbohydrates as these three nutrients are the basic components of our diet. Unlike other unhealthy sources of fats like refined oil which basically hinders the process of digestion, ghee helps to stimulate the production of acid which helps in good digestion. Our intestines need energy like any other organs to perform specific functions in which butyric acid plays an important role. Ghee is a good source of butyric acid which provides more than 70 percent of energy required by colon cells. Due to its viscous properties, it is good for constipation as. It increases the digestive fire, promotes better absorption of nutrients. Because of the presence of fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acid, it defends the gut from chronic inflammation. Ghee is considered as a good natural remedy for the cases of IBS, colon cancer.

2. Immunity with ghee

As the immune system's 70 percent is found in the gut, a healthy gut with the help of ghee ultimately strengthens the overall immunity of the body. Ghee is an excellent combo of several fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E, D, and A which makes it a good source of multivitamin. Due to the presence of antioxidants in ghee, it is capable of fighting several infections like common cold, viral infections etc. It maintains an alkaline environment in the gut which does not allow the disease to thrive. It has detoxification properties also, which helps the body to flush out the toxins from the system. Therefore it could be said that ghee is a friend of our immune system.

Other areas where ghee is a blessing to our body are as follows

1. Heart health

For a long time ghee has been defamed for increasing the cholesterol levels. This is something which was done on purpose to promote the refinery products like refined oils. But unlike refined oils, ghee has short chain fatty acids which are used as energy and not stored as fat. Therefore, it is much safer to switch from the refined oils to ghee. Omega-3 fatty acids in the ghee helps to reduce cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

2. Good for skin

For years we have been using skin products which have chemicals in them. Instead of giving benefits, these products have harmed us in many ways. Allergic reactions, dry skin, eruptions are the outcome of using these skin products. But there is a hope, if we start including pure ghee (cow ghee) in our diet, it will nourish skin from within.


Ghee has many health benefits when it comes to keeping the gut, nervous system and immunity strong. With the benefits of vitamins, fatty acids, and saturated fats ghee proves to be very helpful for detoxification of the body and fighting infections. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine ghee holds a good position as it is used to pacify the vata and pitta dosha. This is a simple home remedy which is easily available and way too cheaper than the modern medicines.

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