One Smile, One Change!! 😊

Have you ever experienced yourself in a situation where words fail?

That is where you need to smile, and friends believe me, it truly works!!

Suppose you are naturally talking to a group of people (Unknown or even friends), or in an interview interacting with big personalities, if you are unable to answer them you need to be calm and smile which reflects your confidence... A smiple smile can make someone's day, a simple gesture can give hope and compassion to your near and dear ones... "Smile like it never happened"

Smile spreads like a virus...It should be seamless. Whenever people around you feel dishearten we should smile and support them.

It's my thought, "We should smile in our most appealing way, that smile will come naturally to everyone"

Smile is a natural ☺️ gesture of hope, contentment, sympathy, delightness, and of all these the most important one which is confidence. It is the most important element for a healthy body, for a lively life!!

Even this article is not enough to talk about smile, smile is a big and deep word, but it's rather easy to act with it than to understand it!!

When a baby is small, they know nothing but they smile at every jolly moment..... Our heart's should be like an infant, pure and honest one...Words are not necessary, sometimes even to talk or speak is not necessary, a gesture is enough to circulate love among humans.

How much confidence you can express, how much love you can show to others that's what in turn we will all receive one day.Β 

πŸ‘‰Smile, it is best friend for building bonds with people!! :)

Remember πŸ‘‡

Smile in confusion, smile with tears!!

One Smile, One change (One Smile, One Change)


Smile in pain, smile with cheer!!


Thank you friends for your time & patience!!



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