For some women/girls, the severe pain during their period makes them believe that this is how they are created. We find that everyone wanted to find a lasting solution to curing themselves.

We will see different methods that can be used to seek treatment:

• Foods to consume and Medication

What are the causes of pain with a period?

1. It is believed to be hereditary for example one of your close family may suffer during this time.

2. The period that is started in advance (the child under eleven)

3. If you are not twenty

4. Tobacco consumption

5. A lot of blood lost during the period

6. Irregular period

7. Tumor in the uterus

8. IUD / IUD, a kind of family planning

9. Estrogen occurs in small amounts 

What can be done in a painful period?

* First aid

 1. Rest, leave out stress

 2. Use a bottle of lukewarm water on your lower abdomen or use tissue in lukewarm water and have it massage your lower abdomen

3. Do sports (walking, running, swimming)

 4. Shower with lukewarm water

 5. Massage the lower abdomen very gently

* Foods consumed

1. Ripe bananas: they are rich in vitamin B6, which helps the body fight pain, they are also rich in potassium which facilitates the loss of water in the body

2. Consume foods from wheat such as spaghetti, bread, donuts, wheat porridge, (whole grain) because they are also rich in vitamin B6, rich in vitamin E

3. Eat sunflowers: they are rich in vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium

4. Eat pineapples: they are rich in bromelain which facilitates contraction of the uterus during the period

5. Eating celery as a juice or as a salad: everyone prefers celery because of the smell, yet it is rich in apiol

6. Ginger: We know that Ginger helps us heat the body when mixed with tea, but it is also a superfood for pain reduction during menstruation. With tea also we advise you to consume green tea.


Things to avoid during your period

Avoid all foods rich in prostaglandin, as it increases pain, such as industrial sugar, coffee, cooking salt, beer, etc. When you were not cured using this natural means, then think of first-degree medicine like paracetamol, Efferalgan, doliprane, if the second option does not work then use ibuprofen, diclofenac, ...

 N.B: do not use a lot of chemical medicine yet see all foods rich in vitamin B6

We wish you good health.




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