Premature Baby Care

Premature Baby Care

Having a baby is really important in our life. Being a mom is not easy. It needs a lot of time and efforts. But we can enjoy the waves of life in its full swing. 

Premature Babies

Early arrival of babies than expected date is a Nightmare because we know there are certain complications involved. But don’t worry, it is not much different from taking care of normal babies than changing the environment lightly. Here are some tips which can help those who are taking care of preemies.

Maintain the body temperature

Keep your preemies in safe and comfortable temperature by maintaining layers of cloths and flannels. Premature babies are having less fat in their body so they can’t maintain body temperature. You can notice a colour change in their feet and palms when exposed to lower temperature. Once you feel that they are gaining the capacity to control the body temperature slowly decrease the number of cloth layers. Buy a digital thermometer and ensure that they are not getting over heated.

Kangaroo care 

Keep the baby on your chest only with diaper and e sure skin-to-skin contact. Keep the head to one side. Continue this practice as long as possible because it can enhance infant to parent bonding, breastfeeding, regulates temperature. If there are twins or triplets , not only mother but also  father and grandparents can give the kangaroo care to the baby but take a turn.

Bath the baby safely

It is better to wipe the baby with a wet soft cloth than bathing them in water. Continue this for at least 2-3 weeks from birth or till they achieve a normal weight of 2.5kg (If they are low birth weight) . This is to avoid sickness like cold. But keep then neat and clean. Avoid the use of oil, any kind of cleaning agent like soap.., body lotions etc.. up to 1 month.


Breastmilk is the most advised food for our babies. It can enhance immunity. Feed the baby in correct interval with correct quantity. Do not overfeed them or do not take a long interval. Feed them at least in an interval of 2hrs. If your doctor advised a particular quantity of feed at a time ensure that your little ones getting that much.  

Avoid visitors

We all are having friends and family members who are waiting eagerly to see our little munchkins but be bold enough and say NO to visitors. These little lives are very sensitive and catch up infections easily.

No travelling

Do not take your preemies outside and expose them to surroundings till 6 months from birth at least. They are not yet prepared/grown enough to expose.  

Be alert always

These NICU graduated little ones can fall sick easily at anytime. So watch them closely and rush to hospital if you notice anything apart from usual. Do not wait for more symptoms to confirm your doubts. Especially moms concerns can’t let avoided. 



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