Pros and Cons of Hiring Packers and Movers for House Moving


Should you or should you not? Here are the pros and cons of hiring packers and movers for your next shift. When it's finally time to move into a new space and leave the old one behind, you have a lot of questions in regard to how to carry the whole process out sufficiently and most cost-effectively. We all at some point think that we can pull this off on our own, after all, how complicated can it get. But then when it is time to dive into the waters, you get the depth of it.

How am I going to source the packaging material? How do I segregate my entire house into boxes? Are the packers and movers reliable? Will my products break in transit?

We start questioning everything above and beyond. It usually stems from all the good and bad anecdotes that we've heard of from our circle. And honestly, just like every other thing on this planet, hiring a mover and packer comes with its own set of pros and cons. We're here to run you through both the standpoints from a neutral perspective, and you can be the best judge of what suits your needs.

Cons of Hiring Packers and Movers

1. It Can Be Tedious to Choose a Trustworthy Service Provider

We as first-timers can get fooled by any random company that's offering a low rate and promises good results. It can be a bit tricky for somebody who's not used to outsourcing a service provider that too for handling their valuable possessions.

One hack is to rely on your peer's recommendations. You can also choose to go with the most famous company in town, but if you lack the resources to go with the most trusted service provider, as truth be told, they can be on the pricier side, the next best option is to keep your eyes and ears open while finalizing the deal with the company.

Be sure to check their credentials, registration number, number of branches and associates across the country or town (depending upon your requirements), authentic contact details and previous reviews. Once you have checked these, you can say that you're probably in safer hands.

2. You're Not the Only One Deciding the Date and Time of Carrying Out the Shifting Process

When there's a third person involved who'll be packaging and moving, you have to take into account their availability, preferences and terms and conditions, it's no longer just about you. Also, you lack control over how they handle your items, as they might not be as emotionally attached to them as you are. Their approach may differ as to how to separate different items into different categories, and they might not include you in every decision they make about your belongings. So, before you opt for this kind of service, be ready to accommodate a third party into your whole shifting plan and not be reluctant.

3. It Can Cost You a Good Amount

Going for packaging and moving can be expensive, especially when you have large volumes of stuff and a bigger house to shift. In such cases, the company will have to make multiple rounds to transport all your belongings, use more and extra packaging material to secure your items and employ more labour to achieve the same. Yes, the packers and movers estimated cost can vary from company to company and what exactly are you expecting out of the service provider, still, you'll have to set aside a good budget to fulfil your shift.

Pros of Hiring Packers and Movers

If you find yourself nodding to these pointers and are determined to take up all the load of shifting on your head, hold your horses as here we are to run you through some pros of hiring a movers and packers-

1. You Get End to End Support

Once you've found the right movers and packers, nothing like it! All the burden of sourcing the right packaging material for different items, segregating your belongings into different categories and boxes, securing them for tamper-proof transportation and loading and unloading the items safely, is handled by a professional so you can just supervise and focus on more important things and giving yourself and your family a seamless shifting experience.

2. It's Time-Effective

Whatever your deadline might be for shifting, whether it's on short notice or spaced-out, you'll get the best plan made and timeously executed, customized according to your needs with satisfactory results. This is a huge relief as usually studies show that an average person is most likely to get overwhelmed and anxious while shifting. Having an experienced team of professionals understanding and guiding you and your needs is what makes the service so desirable.

3. On A Macro Level, It's Cost-Effective

Think about it, shifting your entire home means including your delicate almirahs with glass shelves or those TVs and ACs that you bought from your six-month-long savings, the old glass set in the kitchen or that antique flower-vase that surpassed your family’s generations, usually, a commoner like us can't figure out the best way to protect such big and small things from damage while packaging, and may end up with some broken or distorted items at last.

Packers and movers use specialized materials for packing specific products. For example, using heavy-duty thick boxes for voluminous items and using bubble wrap, fillers and snug boxes for delicate, fragile items. And you know what’s even better? Even after doing all this, they provide insurance for your belongings to ensure a safe and damage-proof moving experience.

In the end, we’d like to conclude by saying that everything comes with its own set of pluses and minuses, think this through, take your time, do some market research and most importantly don’t panic, before you make any decision. It’ll all be fine; you just need to trust the process. Either way, we wish you a satisfactory shifting experience.


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