Reusable VS Non-Reusable Bags: Which Is Better?

As the fear of pollution is increasing every day, people are becoming concerned about using eco-friendly methods. One of them is using reusable bags that are eco-friendly and are sustainable options. Listed below are some of the facts from where you can bring out the difference between reusable and non-reusable bags:-

Saving resources

The reusable bags come with a bigger environmental footprint. Even though it might seem not essential; however, it plays a significant role when it comes to saving the environment. These bags are small and light, and as it requires less energy to make them, the reusable bags are considered as one of the sustainable options. You will come across many printed cotton bags that are quite fancy and useful if you are concerned about saving the environment.

On the other hand, almost ten million oil barrels are required for making the non-reusable bags. This means that the quantity of oil you require to drive a car is utilized in manufacturing just ten to fourteen plastic bags. It is quite alarming and this has made reusable bags the biggest demand in the market these days.

Reduces pollution levels

Plastic bags are quite harmful to the environment since they can cause water or land pollution. The reason behind this is plastic bags need thousands of years to decompose. Besides, if you throw them as it is, it will either float in the water bodies thus harming marine life. Similarly, if you throw it in the garbage it will only affect the land. Due to this reason, the importance of printed cotton bags is increasing. 

Cotton bags are reusable and you can use them for years. Even if it is damaged, you can simply throw it without the fear of pollution. Cotton bags are easily degradable without causing any pollution. Hence, it is better if you opt for cotton bags or recyclable bags instead of using cotton bags.

Helps in saving wildlife

You might be aware of the fact that water pollution is increasing every day. Thousands of marine species die due to water pollution. When it comes to land pollution, animals die every day due to plastic bags. Besides, the animals at times end up consuming plastic bags, which finally chokes them to death. 

Due to this reason, people are warned to reduce the use of plastic bags. Whereas, the reusable bags are easily decomposed and it does not harm the wildlife as well. Hence, it is better to switch from plastic bags to reusable bags. If you want, you can also opt for paper bags, which are eco-friendly as well.

Durable enough 

Apart from being harmful to the environment, plastic bags are not durable. These bags have the fear of tearing if you carry heavy loads. Similarly, even if it comes near any sharp object, it can create a hole in it. But, this is not the case with reusable bags.

Therefore, reviewing all the facts it can be said that reusable cotton bags are one of the environment-friendly options. 


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