Road Work Signs - What Are The Types & What Do They Mean?

Road work signs make it easy to navigate on a busy highway. Without these road work ahead and traffic signs, it would result in a slew of mishaps, accidents, death, and misapprehensions. To put it simply, the ‘road ahead’ signage help to keep the roads in control and provide important traffic information. Most road signs and warning indications are bright, with eye-catching colors such as orange or red. This is because orange and red are the most easily visible to the human eye. The road work sign must, however, be replaced every couple of years. Old and worn signs can endanger the lives of both drivers and pedestrians.

Let’s find out more about road work signs.

What Does a Roadwork Ahead Sign Indicate to Drivers & Pedestrians?

Road work ahead" signs are a legal requirement while road maintenance or construction is going on. Repair work such as heavy construction or newly paved roadways may cause injuries to drivers and pedestrians. There are a variety of indicators, each with its meaning. They are— 

Work Performed On the Shoulders

Sign: Right/left shoulder closed ahead

This sign is posted every one mile on a highway shoulder with an active work construction to alert drivers that there may be a disruption ahead. If the project is less than a mile long, then it is posted every eight feet.

Detour Sign

500-foot detour, 300-foot detour, etc. 

This sign sends drivers and pedestrians in a different direction. It informs the drivers that there will be a short traffic detour due to road constraints happening. Detour signs are usually accompanied by road-closed signs. 

Two-Way Traffic Sign

This sign indicates that one side of the highway is closed for access. It signals vehicles on a two-way roadway that the same lane is also being utilized by opposing traffic. 

One Lane Sign

This sign is placed in lanes that are temporality combined. It is also utilized in conjunction with flagging methods when a lane change is not easily visible to vehicles.

Flagger Sign

This sign signals vehicles to stay alert, keeping an eye out for flaggers indicating a disruption in the roadway. Flagmen come in brightly colored attire to make them easier to notice.

Road Closed Sign

This sign is used to let vehicles know that the road is not passable due to road repair, except for authorized vehicles. Detour signs and road closed signs are mostly placed simultaneously. 

Road Machinery Sign

This sign warns motorists that there is heavy machinery on or near the route. 

These road work signs are used as indicators to alert drivers of any impending road conditions. It is equally crucial for pedestrians to watch out for these signs whenever they are on a road that is being fixed or maintained.

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