Side effects of excessive masturbation, truth revealed

Hello friends in this fast moving world we are highly addicted to porn and masturbation.


Anything in excess must create disater in your life ...learn lesson from me and please move on.. otherwise you can see the consequences in your near future.


Firstly I will tell you  how masturbation and porn can destroy your health and body..


I know science will never agree ...but this is my real life story ,I am sharing with you next article I will tell how I get completely rid of this.


I was addicted to this bad habit from past 6 years :- & the side effects are as follows...


1)My eyesight become very weak and most of time tears coming from my eyes without reason.


2)My hair became very bald and almost I was bald and my hair started falling and thinning too..


3)My body became very weak and I become skinny.


4)My teeth became pale and it had a bad bash.


5)My hand was shaking like 70 years old man although I am 21 years only.


6)There is no control in night and nightfall occur regularly.


7) sometimes I feel insomnia.


8)I had skin disease frequently and started itching too much.


9)I can't breathe properly,it feels like asthama patients.


10)I had no visions about my goal of my life.


11) I feel like sucidal..


12) Everytime my brain thinks of incest relationship and women's.


13)Even you don't need to do it..but now your body is so addicted that you have to do it.


14)your penis will not healthy if you do it in excess ..many nerves will appear on your penis which can be easily identifiable.


15 )your face looks like sucked up mango and thrown away.


16)Now you feel everytime like coward person your heart rate will be fast enough.


17)You will becoming day by day an introvert person ..


And the effects are many can I count there will be no ending.


To sort out these bad effects I tried out yoga postures and different kind of asana but these things merely helped me..I tried many herbal medicine but nothing me you feel like one can make you come out from that stage until and unless you don't really wanted to..I am extremely hopeless to see that our young generation are wasting their precious energy and time in these wasteful thing..we have to really save ourselves as much as possible as we can.


This life is so beautiful you can feelthis if you get outside from this sin..this will not only make you life and health hell but also you will loss in million of many friends are doing the same thing and now they are regreting like anything..


  But now friends I am very fine because now I do meditation daily and everything healed up..I will surely tell you each of my step in my next article.


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