SociallyRise is Killing the feed of their own

Hey there readers I just found out a new website called SociallyRise Where users interact with other users and also they can chat.


This is not the end here the main ambition of this website is for users to share blog articles as well,

Here is the side bar and some other features of this website you can use

Side Bar Features

Here you can see they are giving their users a lot features.


Blog Section

Now let's focus on the blog section what they provide 

A search bar and a create blog button is present in the first headder section so that user can search across all posted articles. What the Create Blog button do ? ofcourse it's for creating an article on SociallyRise - Blogs

Here below the screenshot of what this section looks like

Moving further we can see some popular blog posts with a crousal. Users will know what's trending on SociallyRise.

Down below posted articles will appear so that users can read and give reviews on them

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