Stamp Your Online Presence In The Taxi Booking Industry With Our Uber Clone Script

With the rapid growth in digital technology, every businessman, budding, and even experienced entrepreneurs adapt to technological advancements and reap their business benefits using mobile apps. 

Are you such an aspiring and a dedicated entrepreneur who wants to build a taxi booking app like Uber and wants to manage your entire taxi business right from riders to bookings, drivers to taxis, and billing to a rating in a single platform? Well, you are in the right spot! Get our taxi app solution like Uber and automate your day-to-day taxi operations effectively.

Here in this blog, we will walk you through building an app like Uber using our Uber clone app that helps your business reap massive users and profits in no time.


Why do people prefer to hire a taxi than owning a car?

In the fast-growing digitally driven world, not everyone owns/has a car. Even if they do have their own car, there are still many problems they might face in big cities due to the endless problems with traffic, parking, and car maintenance. Hence, they prefer to book a taxi. Following are a few reasons why they prefer to use an app like Uber for ride-hailing services.


  • They typically spend only less time waiting for their drivers to arrive at their destination.

  • They have an option to share their ride with others.

  • People who work late at night often use Uber to get to their places quickly and safely when bus and metro lines are shut down.

  • Riders choose Uber over other transportation methods for safety purposes.


Statistics of the Online taxi booking business

Recent statistics clearly state that the online taxi booking app is tremendously growing at a rapid rate. So do the online users of the taxi app are rapidly growing in numbers. As we all know, Uber is a big name in the online taxi booking industry that has created a major impact and registered its presence widely across the globe. 


Statistics and Report highlights of Uber

  • As per a study, Uber has a global market value of $72 billion.

  • Uber has generated around $12 billion in gross bookings in the recent quarter.

  • There are more than 75 million active Uber riders worldwide.

  • Over 3 million people drive for Uber.

  • In the United States alone, Uber fulfills around 40 million rides per month.

  • Uber is available in more than 80 countries across the world.

  • A recent report states that Uber has completed more than 5 billion rides successfully.

  • It is calculated that the average Uber driver earns $364 per month.


The basic workflow of our Uber clone app

Our on-demand ride-hailing service app like Uber seamlessly connects your user(rider) and the service provider(driver). We designed and developed our Uber clone script with a basic 5 step foundation.

Here is how our ride-hailing app model works-


Rider's request

User requests for a ride from their current location. Now, the request is sent to the nearby drivers through the app.


Matching rider & driver

The app sends the ride request to the drivers available within the specified miles. Drivers have an option to either accept or reject the bid/request.

Ride confirmation

If the driver accepts the request, the user instantly gets a notification about the ride's confirmation with an estimated arrival time. The user can track the driver through the in-app navigation feature.


End of the ride

After the driver arrives at the user's location, the user can get into the taxi after cross-checking and confirming the details sent via the app. Once the user reaches the location, the driver ends the ride.

The estimated payment has already been shared with the user to pay using cash or other payment options.



Both riders and drivers have an option to rate and share their experience in the review section. The rating is crucial as it brings trust & reliability among fellow riders and drivers.

Okay, now you might be wondering, when the rider is paying the driver for the ride, how can Uber like apps make money? Well, here in this blog, we will explain the top-notch revenue models we’ve integrated into our Uber clone app that skyrockets your business to the next level.


Revenue streams of our taxi booking app like Uber



Our Taxi app developers integrated this revenue model that charges a commission from both the rider and the driver. The rider pays a fee in terms of extra charges like ride cancellation charges, animal transportation charges, etc.

However, the major part of income comes through a commission from the drivers. It is considered common yet a powerful revenue model. 

For Uber, the commission ranges from 20% to 35% of the driver's total ride fare. Also, their commission rate differs in different regions.

 You can set your commission range in your app from our Uber clone and our taxi app developers alter it accordingly.


Through ads

Our robust Uber clone allows your businesses to earn huge income by allowing your app to showcase other companies' ads on a cost-per-click model.

While you can enjoy ad charges, your third-party brands can boost their sales via ads by showcasing their products on your taxi app like Uber.


Elite features of our Uber script

Our Uber clone encompasses separate apps for riders and drivers, as well as an admin dashboard. Here, we will show you some of our basic and advanced features for each.


User app basic features


  • Easy registration

  • Booking 

  • Secure payments

  • In-app alerts

  • Ride history

  • Reviews & Ratings

Advanced features of our Uber clone app

  • Pick-up location

  • Split payments

  • Vehicle selection

  • Interactive & real-time tracking

  • In-app messenger

  • Discounts & promo codes

  • Voice booking


Basic features of the driver app

Driver app features in our clone app overlap with the user app. The driver app also has the registration feature, which allows them to log in and submit additional documents like a driver's license for verification. 

It has features such as push notifications, fare calculator, etc.

Advanced features of the driver app

  • Availability toggle

  • Order alert

  • Accept/Reject the ride

  • Earning history

  • In-app navigation

  • Statistic reports

Our Admin panel features

  • Master admin dashboard

  • Driver document verification

  • Revenue manager

  • Transaction manager

  • Review management

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Multiple vehicle management

  • Trips management

  • Fare management

  • Users management

  • Commission dashboard


What do we have in our entire Uber clone script setup?

  • Taxi driver app

  • Rider app

  • Android & iOS versions

  • Engaging web-admin panel


Closing Thoughts

Grab our exceptional taxi booking clone app like Uber and step into the online taxi industry by developing a fully functional online taxi app. Approach us right away and discuss your valuable ideas with our skilled taxi booking app builders. We are here to help you set foot in the online taxi industry by launching our highly engaging Uber like taxi booking app.


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