Standing still as single mom

Standing still as single mom

It is acknowledged that being parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the human race; it can as well be one of the toughest responsibilities ever, particularly if you are a single mom. raising a child alone.

How Can the Single Mom Do It?

From being a single mother, as I watched my son growing up, and from watching many women in that situation, here are four fundamentals to succeed as a single mom.

More and more moms are finding themselves left with no spouse and handed all the responsibility of raising a family. For mainly single mothers, that means working a job permanent and parenting permanent. That’s pretty load .


The four things stand out as fundamentals if you’re going to be successful, not just stay alive, as a single mom.

1. Strive to have a positive attitude.

Attitude is everything. It affects both psychological and physical health, and it largely determines whether you succeed or fail. People, who believe they can, usually can. People who don’t believe they can, usually can’t whatever the issue at hand, whatever the requirement. You are obliged to have  optimistic attitude if you wish for success.

One hit can be anger. Anger because they’re alone. Anger toward their ex-husband, ex-boyfriend. Anger because the world isn’t fair. Anger because they have to deal with a job and family and be both a mom and a dad to their children. people just don’t realize the unrelenting demands that pull at them day in and day out, all week and all weekend.

A second strike may be resentment. unsettled anger can become bitterness toward others. incredibly it’s misdirected and becomes inevitable and hurts both the person who feels it and those around her.

from time to time we feel as if we merit to carry about bitter feelings. Letting go can feel like saying, “It really doesn’t matter  a lot.” But we feel just the contrary. It does matter a lot. And it hurts so much. But not dealing with anger and bitterness is like covering a boil, hopeful it will simply go away. You don’t really merit carrying around your anger and bitterness. You merit to be free of it. Letting it go doesn’t mean it didn’t matter. It just means it isn’t value the cost of hanging on to the infection. Striving to have a positive attitude is like sunlight and fresh air. It’s sanitizating. It lightens your load. It strengthens and renews wellbeing.  That’s what you really merit.

Working hard to provide a healthy environment for kid, being there for him when I’m not at my job, making financial sacrifices. The life as a single mom takes extra effort day after day. But with strength of mind and  affirmative attitude, it is possible.

The same can be true for you. Take heart. Strive to have a positive attitude. Get help in doing that if needed. But start to look at your condition in a different light, and make it something that will count.

2. Refuse to give in to comparisons.

Comparisons can be poisonous. First, they’re usually shortsighted and incorrect. You never see the whole story. You don’t know what other people may be fighting with. At least, we’re each unique. None of us is similar, so why are we always comparing ourselves to one another?

When we make comparisons, we begin to have expectations. And often, those expectations are unreasonable. The best advice is to apply your mind and physical power shaping how to make the most of your condition, not focusing on comparisons or expending all your hard work trying to match someone else’s standard of living.

Things won’t be so complicated for you as a single mom if you don’t anticipate them to be easy. Refuse to make the comparisons. Refuse to buy into the expectations of keeping up with somebody else, of having everything they have. The certainty is, you won’t be capable to do everything. You cannot have all you desire or once had. But that’s okay. Our lives are not calculated in our plenty of things.

3. Never give up.

When you give up, you quit fighting. When you quit fighting, you lose. Never give up, as only by hanging in will you win. Willpower is necessary to conquer any obstacle, any confront, any handicap. Whenever something doesn’t go well, you have to attempt again. Maybe from a different angle, possibly in a different way, but you have to continue trying.

4. Take care of your soul.

Everyone  need a resource outside ourselves. And everyone needs to go to that source for sustain and refreshment. Take care of your soul. Revive it. Don’t ignore the desires of your deepest being. the source has been God Himself. Feeding the soul from the Bible every day. When there was there is something missing. When things are especially hard, remember how good God was, will never leave us. That strength remained constant because the soul is nurtured.

How can the single mom do it? It’s not an easy road. Strive to have a positive attitude. Refuse to give in to comparisons. Never give up. And take care of your soul. Believing God will be big enough to deal with your problems, and then choosing to live like it. I pray these will be your wish too.




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