Stop Becoming Slaves To Women

Stop Becoming Slaves To Women


In this article I'm Gonna show You Why 

It is important to not to chase women.


You know In this age we men are always talking and thinking about women. It's Just that by doing this we are only loosing our values.


I'm not saying that we should start ignoring them. But,We should give ourselves a break from always thinking about women.


A lot of men think being confident and being able to chat with women is all thing is Required. But, In this process You find that if you get her.and someone better than you approach her there are chances that She'll leave you. Reason is that you haven't found a quality woman.


To find A quality woman you have to stop looking for girls everywhere. Just focus on yourself. Wherever she is She'll find you.


Reasons To Stop Chasing Females


- By doing this you start to feel like a special person to yourself.

- People around you see you as a winner.

- Women loves to chase too. So,they'll find you attractive.

- You'll literally enjoy being with yourself even alone.

- If a girl rejects you, you start looking down on yourself. It'll only bringing down your self confidence.

- Give priority to them too much and they'll use you for fun.

- Not all women are like that, but let's take an example, it you have something you don't care about it too much, you only thinking of something you don't have.

- You realise that women are not the only priority, You have to make your career first.W

- Women likes successful person rather than a loser who only loves chasing them.

- You Start giving time developing yourself.


Note :- If you Open Any Social Media and You'll Find women's comment section full of men simping and stalking their account. Don't do this.


Let Me Give You Some Tips How To Become An Attractive Person


- First of all, stop stalking her profile.

- Stop creeping out random girls in public.

- Stop watching porn. It's not reality they show you in it.

- Ensure to get quality sleep.

- Go to gym if you can't do that exercise daily at home To Build a good physique.

- Focus on Career and Up your finance.

- Avoid using your phones more than 4 hours a day.

- Raise your status.

- Get More sun.

- Meditate for at least 5-10 minutes daily.

- Stop overthinking.

- Eat healthy foods.

- Take cold showers.

- One time a day explore nature. There is nothing better relaxing than being in nature.

- Wear goggles. It leaves impression on Women.(But,As i said before don't go looking for them. Be natural.)

- Smile always.

- Stand tall, Look up and walk properly.

- Stop looking down on yourself. You are one of the best of God's creation.

- You got only one life so girls are just a part of your life. Don't give them too much priority.


- Too much talked About men, but I really respect women And equality.


I Hope You Like This Article And Forgive Me If anything I Said hurt your feelings.


Thank You.


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