The Power of Attitude and Faith

What Matters is the power of Attitude and Faith

It feels weird that when people take everything within or around them for granted; whereas the contrary must be the norm. In life, nothing is evident, nothing at all. We should always make sure we understand what’s going on around us so that we might get the true meaning of life. People think they know who they are, and then they are occupied to know others. People think that they understand everything they see, or touch, or hear, and they never wonder if they are right or wrong. 

Thus, as an obvious example, some people reckon that what makes them happy is “having or possessing”. While talking about " having or possessing", that’s to say what makes them happy is the things they have, that might be family, money, friends, cars, mobile phones, houses, traveling…; indeed this is not that true. This seems to be normal, as the nature of people is bound to possess as much as possible, or to live as long as possible.

To clarify a little bit this problematic, the first thing we need to start with is the fact that concepts should be defined independently from what they are created for in the first place, or from what mass people believe in. For instance, If you ask people what’s the age in which we consider others to be old, they may say when they are in the 60s, 70s, 80s and so on. But, when, for example, you say “a girl of 35 has not got married yet”, they describe her as very old, and if we take the same girl, and say that she has died, the same people will describe her as a very young girl. Here, what matters is our attitudes towards everything in life; and this is the issue I’m going to shed more light on.

Attitude, which is sometimes known as belief or faith, is the fuel that makes life keeps moving in a balanced manner. In fact, what matters in life is not how much we have, or who we really are, but the way we perceive ourselves and things; our attitudes towards our self-images and things around us, or in another simple way, our relationships with everything in a certain environment.

 For example, as I already mentioned some people think that money is what makes us happy. This is wrong, what makes us happy is our attitude towards the amount of money we have. For instance, If you give, let’s say, 50 MAD to two people. The first person would react happily to get it, but the other will consider it a kind of mockery. So here, it’s different attitudes that make the first one happy and the other embarrassed. Basically, this is related also to everyone’s needs; as the need and other people’s attitudes towards us define our self-images, and then shape our personal attitudes.

In another instance, if you ask people to define mobile phones, most of them would say it’s a means of communication and information. But, because everyone has his own attitude, we cannot give it one definition. People who use it to call others, consider it a means of communication; people who use it to play videogames, consider it a game center; people who use it to study, consider it a school; people who use it to share their experiences, and build their personalities through social media, may consider it psychotherapy center; so it’s all about our attitudes.

Now, I believe that instead of wishing to have things, we should have positive attitudes first towards those things because the worst thing about the things we own is the fact that they make us bored as long as we get them. What makes them valuable is our attitude towards them before having them, which changes after we have them. 

We need to reconsider people's nature; we need to have what we need, not what we want. Lust and desire are different from willing. In the first place, Physiologically, people eat because they need to live, but now their need becomes a desire. So, they need not eat, but enjoy what they eat. Here, food becomes a psychological issue, not a physiological one. This made a lot of people suffer and look forward to achieving some unattainable objectives, and then feel depressed, stressed, and sad. Simply speaking, People should enjoy what they have, they should not wish to have things so as to enjoy life. The second condition will make you forever bored and as you will always stay on that treadmill of willing to have. 

“If you do not like what you have you must like what you have” it’s all about your attitudes you’re your belief towards what you have and towards life in general

Additionally, as long as people sometimes overlap between attitude and belief, we can say that belief is what makes any difference. If we keep the faith to reach whatever we want, then we will. If we believe that we can do something, then we can. If we believe that we can survive and overcome challenges, then we can.

Let me be more explicit, let’s take this analogy: The power of belief might make three patients, with the same psychological disorder, be healed with different remedies based on what each one of them believes in. The first might be healed by a psychotherapist, the second by a marabout or shrine, and the third by a clerk or Imam. Here, the remedy that suits the first patient might not suit the second or the third and vice versa.

 A person is what he believes in. 


Elhoussaine NAAIM

High School Teacher in Morocco




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