The technologies that adds value to a modern car

The technologies that are making modern cars valuable as follows:

Connected car technology

Connected car technology

The connected car tech is something that had enhanced the convenience in the modern cars. Hyundai was the first manufacturer that had introduced the technology in their cars like the Hyundai Venue and later on, they also introduced in cars like Hyundai i20 and the Hyundai Verna. With this technology, a person can easily keep a track on the status of his or her car. The car can also be started with the help of this technology through mobile if an application prescribed by concerned manufacturer for this is installed. sounds cool as now you can sit idle at home and track how's everything going with your car.

Turbocharger and Supercharger

Here you migh be thinking that what is a turbocharger but don't worry as you don't need any degree in engineering to understand the basic thing about it. A turbocharger is just a mechanism or a device that is added to an engine so that you can get badass performance. Now coming to how turbocharger and supercharger are different then the answer is that a supercharger is also like turbocharger but it's different in it's function as it gets power from engine and makes your car just faster. A Rolls Royce ghost is an example to this as it's engine is equipped with a supercharger whereas some compact hatchbacks like a Hyundai i20 has a turbocharger. In simple words, supercharger makes a car powerfull very much due to which hatchbacks don't have a supercharged engine whereas bigger cars like Rolls Royce Ghost have it.

Autonomous driving features

The MG Gloster was the car that gets autonomous level 1 technologies. If you are thinking what is autonomous level then it is nothing but it's just the level at which self driving is provided. At autonomous level 1, your car will not drive itslef but surely it will keep you safe as you get autonomous emergency braking, lane depaerture warning and self parking assist features. In the near future, there chances that we will even get to see autonomous level 2 and 3 technologies too which would be more advanced. 

Drive modes

Drive modes are something that just feeling like driving one car in different styles. Just select your mode as per your choice if you want your car to give performance as required by you. Keeping in eco or fuel saving mode will conserve fuel and extract more mileage whereas in Sport mode, one gets more power from the engine. Doesn't it sound cool as you are driving a car that is giving more mileage whereas you are even driving a car that is giving performance. It's like you are driving two or more cars just at one time as per your wish. This fun you mostly get to see in luxury cars but some compact cars also come with this feature.

Android Auto and Apple car Play

The android auto and apple car play are the things that almost every car gets. Mostly cars require a USB acble that you need to connect with your phone in order to access navigation and many more things. Download the android auto app on an android mobile to access android auto and if you have an apple iphone then you can access apple car play. some cars even come with wireless android auto and apple car due to which sometimes you don't need cable. Now of course one problem that is solved here is that like you can now reach your destination without struggling on streets.

 Cooled seats

Cooled seats are something that are required during the time of scorching heat as due to summer season in India, the car seats do heat up in way that sitting inside the car becomes a discomfort. Whenever you turn on the cooled seats, you do get convenience and the struggle during scorching heat do get reduced. it would be better that instead of heating function on seats, Indian cars should only get cooling function as temparature is usually high in India. Thankfully, there is something that a car quite convenient. This feature is only seen on compact cars of premium segment but in the upcomig future, there might be chances that this becomes a standard feature.


There are many more technological inventions that we will see in the future and some technologies exist even today more than these but these technologies are the ones that are just phenomenal.


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