The Top 10 Must-Have Skills for Job-Seeking Freshers

Basic skills like email writing, coordination, eloquent negotiation skills, and presentation skills are being looked out for by potential employers. These skills often become the mark of distinction between two job seekers in the global market today. These positive soft skills often get you lucrative returns in the long run and good lifestyle


Why do you need skills? 


Having a degree is not enough in a world that usually asks for skills. The ability to do intelligent work consistently outperforms the will to do hard work. Skills enhance your working ability. So, having necessary soft and hard skills is essential.

The essential skills for every fresher have been listed below:  


1. Paying Attention to Details:

It is rightly said that pleasure in the job puts perfection in work; the more attention you pay to every minute detail defines how good your final picture turns out to be. Employers today search for attentive employees to build their business in the world of creation and continuous innovation.


2. Coordination and Teamwork:

The best work is delivered in coordination with colleagues; working in a team is a soft skill which you ought to have because companies today focus on coordination more than ever.


Advantages of working in a team include: 


● You get to discuss better ideas of improvisation.

● Successfully managing a partnership enhances productivity.

● Difference of opinion yields betterment of ideas. 


3. Fluent Writing and Email Writing Skills:

If you can jot down your ideas well, you stand a step ahead of your competitors already. Fluency in email writing or writing, in general, is a skill that will give you the extra push because the market rewards well-articulated ideas. Explaining your ideas well gives you the insight that you can work on them well. Writing skill is the first impression because the first thing the employer sees is your resume.


4. Technical, Data Science, and IT Skills:

When everything is moving towards automation, having some IT skills can boost your career. Employers will always prefer people who can work with spreadsheets, database management, machine language, data protection, etc. Honing these skills will put you ahead and give you returns in the long run.


5. Negotiation Skills:

Probably the prerequisite of any job today, these skills are the most sought after. However, how you put your ideas into words is more important than how you put them to work. In simple words, negotiation skill is the beginning of leadership.


6. Temperament and Resolution:

Being calm and composed is a skill in itself and having a good temperament helps everywhere. Firm resolve and solid temperament are needed for anyone who wishes to work in these challenging times. 


7. Presentation Skills:

How well you present your ideas and correlate them to the world around you can get you quite far. To convince people to believe in you, you’ll have to convince them with your presentation. It also enhances your confidence and overall personality. And if you can work with power-point presentations as well, that adds to your mastery.  


8. Reasoning Ability and Problem-Solving:

Today’s world is more challenging than ever, and your employer will expect you to walk the extra mile. Reasoning ability and problem-solving approach will help you if you encounter any crunch moments in the course of employment.


9. Pressure Bearing Skills:

Everyone will agree that there is immense workload and pressure today. Managing pressure without affecting your mental health is needed to stand in the world market today. This soft skill will assist you in your work as well as your personal life.


10. Time Management and the Need to Multitask:

The clock will always be ticking, and to meet deadlines, you’ll need to develop agile skills. Time management and multitasking together can do wonders. You’ll be able to add value to your company and praise your name.


The above skills are necessary if you are a fresher looking for a job. These skills will help you get easy employment and further your working career. Skills such as email writing give the employer an impression that you are well versed with the needs of the modern world. So as a fresher, you need to develop or sharpen as many soft and hard skills as you can. 


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