Time Needed for All-on-4 Implant Procedure

Do you want to know why implant-supported dentures have gained so popularity these days? If yes, then All-on-4 implant process will enable people to wear dentures who need them. These are completely supported by several dental implants and the method involves replacing all the upper teeth, all the lower teeth or both of them. Read on to know about this implant procedure so that you may decide if or not it is the right option for you.

All-on-4 implants

All-on-4 implants can be used when you need dentures. You will come across just a few dentures and the popular ones are implant-supported dentures, partial dentures and traditional dentures. The All-on-4 implants support implant-supported dentures so that the wearers need not worry about dentures moving out from their place.

About All-on-4 implants procedure

One common question people ask who want to undergo All-on-4 process for replacing their teeth is how much time the entire process will take. The overall method will require a long time for the requirement of placing the implant. Though this might take a long time to undergo this process, the result will be wearing the dentures that are held in place securely. This will provide denture wearers the needed confidence for the treatment. The steps involved in the procedure are the following:

Step 1: Preparing the dentures

During your first appointment with the dentist, he will perform X-rays and scans of your mouth and teeth. After thus, he will prepare a mold of your mouth for making the customised set of dentures. With 3D imaging, you will get precise measurements and comfortable dentures to wear by taking a mold of your mouth.

Step 2: Placing the dental implant

After the dentures are prepared, the next step involves performing the surgical procedure for placing dental implants properly inside your mouth. There is a temporary set of dentures that can be used till the implants have been integrated completely with your jawbone. Then, you can wear the permanent dentures.

Step 3: Putting the permanent dentures

After osseointegration procedure is done, it is the right time for placing the permanent dentures inside your mouth. The final step can be an exciting time for the ones who require dentures. This is because All-on-4 dentures will enable people to carry on with their daily activities such as eating, talking and smiling.

How much time will All-on-4 implant procedure require?

It usually requires somewhere between four to six months for All-on-4 implants to be completed. It might require a longer time for the ones who require further dental works that add up another month or two to overall process. If you want to know how much time it will take to perform the process, then you will have to book an appointment with the dentist for getting more information about it.

Thus, if you think All-on-4 implants are the right choice for your case, then you may visit here to make your first appointment for all-on-4 dental implants with a dentist for starting with the treatment. After the procedure gets over, you will have full mouth of teeth and your mouth will become healthy again.




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