Tips On How to Maintain Your Water Purifier

Water purifiers have turned out to be a basic necessity for every home. Out of all kinds of purifiers, RO models are the most popular and advanced. Water filters can generally serve you for several years, provided you maintain them properly. Without proper maintenance, you cannot be assured of getting safe drinking water.


Here are a few maintenance tips that can help you get the best out of your water purifier.

1. Change Different Filters Regularly

One of the most important tips for the maintenance of an RO water purifier is to change the filter. If the water filter is not changed regularly, it will be clogged with impurities and will not work correctly. Usually, a water purifier will have 3-5 stages of filtration. Here is the time period in which different types of filters should be changed:

  • Pre-Filter - Six Months

  • Sediment Filter - 1 Year

  • Pre-RO Carbon Filter - 1 Year

  • RO Membrane – 2-3 Years

  • Post-RO Carbon Filter - 1 Year

These replacement periods may be different for different models and brands. Also, depending on the quality of the intake water, the replacement time can be early. Follow the service technician’s advice for replacement at the right time. 


2. Clean the Pipe of the Purifier Regularly

One thing that people overlook in a purifier is the pipe. It is essential to clean all the internal pipes inside the water purifier. There are many pipes inside the appliance through which water passes from one purification stage to another.


3. Clean the Storage Tank

There are chances that the storage tank of the purifier has some microbial contamination. Therefore, along with the replacement of the Hepa filters, you should also clean the tank properly. You can empty the tank & fill it with fresh water from time to time.


4. Clean the Exteriors

The water purifier should not only be cleaned from inside but also from outside regularly. You can use a mild cleaning liquid and a soft cloth to clean the exteriors. 


5. Address Issues Like Leakages and Drip on Priority

If you notice any leakage or dripping of water purification from your water purifier, you should immediately contact the manufacturer’s customer service team. There are many reasons for the leakage or dripping of water, such as malfunctioning, broken pipes, or improper connection of pipes. This will waste a lot of water unnecessarily. A technician can help you avoid any damage to the water purifier due to leakage. 


6. Look for Bad Taste & Smell in the Water

Sometimes, there can be a foul smell or taste in the water coming from the purifier. It might be because the water filter in the purifier is not working properly and it's time to change it. Calling a technician can help you detect and fix the problem as soon as possible.


7. Regular Annual Maintenance

It is essential to get the water purifier regularly checked by a good technician. Sometimes, there may be problems in the purifier, which an average person cannot identify. Even if you can find any problem with the purifier, you can call a technician. It can help you avoid unnecessary expenses, headaches and problems. While buying the appliance, you can also check if the water purifier price includes any maintenance contract. This can help with regular maintenance. 


8. Read the User Manual and Follow It

Many water purifier companies provide some tips on how to use the water purifier. Every water purifier is different and reading the user manual can help you understand your appliance better. You can avoid unwanted troubles and follow the tips given in the user manual while using it.

Now that you have learned all the tips on maintaining the RO water purifier, you should start following it. Following these tips will help you avoid many waterborne health problems. 


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