1. Have enough sleep: Sleeping has a lot of benefit to the body. Research shows that one cannot live more than 11 days without sleeping. Being sleep deprived affects the body physically,psychologically and emotionally. To live an healthy life,having enough sleep is one of the steps. Sleeping 8-10 hours have a lot of importance to the body.

2. Drink enough water: Water is life. When you wake up in the morning,drink a glass of water. It washes the toxin in the mouth and stomach and this enhances bowel movement. Try as much as possible to drink 8 glass of water a day or more. Drinking water regulates body temperature and also aids digestion.

3. Exercise regularly: Exercising helps in building one's body. It increase the strength,agility,and flexibility of the body. When exercising the hearth pumps blood which goes round the body. When we exercise regularly we don't feel tired easily and we are always fit. It ensure our body is in the perfect shape.

4. Eat healthy food: Try as much as possible to eat food with high nutritional value. Ensure to eat a balanced diet which contains all the classes of food in their right proportion. Most importantly, we should make sure to eat breakfast everyday because it makes us ready to work,it prevent dizziness and also makes us work efficiently. Breakfast should not be an heavy food but a light one. Eat lunch and dinner at the right time. Eating healthy food makes one fresh and healthy.

5. Eat fruits and vegetable: Fruit and vegetable are source of vitamin. Vitamins protect the body against disease. If one is free from any illness and diseases that means he/she is healthy. So,eating fruit such as apple orange etc and vegetables like lettuce,spinach etc boost the body immunity thereby leading to healthy living.

6. Live in a clean environment:  Live in a pollution free environment. Engage in sanitation regularly to keep the surrounding clean. This enhances a peaceful and healthy environment. Proper ventilation should be practiced to breathe in clean air into the body.healthy living

7. Smile and laugh often: smiling and laughing tends to promote healthy living. when you smile or laugh often,you tends to look younger and also reduces wrinkles on the face. Being happy promotes healthy living,so, smile always.

           Health is wealth. So,being healthy is the greatest wealth one can have.


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