Tips To Getting Discount On H&M Products

Founded in 1947 in Sweden, H&M is one of the leading fast-fashion brands in the world. The second-largest international clothing retailer houses fast fashion options for men, women, teenagers, and children. At the moment, it has branched out to 74 countries in the world. H&M provides clothes at a comparatively affordable rate and of exquisite quality. It can be considered the McDonald’s of the fashion industry because you can get the same quality clothing in all their stores. The immense choices it provides the consumer for fashion are more than enough to spellbound the customer. However, too much shopping can lead to a money crunch more often than not. This article will share certain tips and methods that can help you avail discounts in H&M outlets if you put them to use. 


There are quite a few ways to avail discounts on H&M products. A few of them are listed below. 

  • Download the official H&M app and follow the brand on social media. Not only can you get discounts on online purchasing from the in-house app, but it can also happen that you might come across any discount coupons or codes shared by the brand on their social media sites. Following them on social media will also keep you updated on their sale and discounts. You can also be a contestant in giveaways organized by the company. 
  • The best way to get the maximum discount is to search for coupon codes like H&M promo code KSA. Deal aggregator websites collect all the promo codes available for the brand, and you can select the most profitable one.
  • Apart from this, also make sure to visit the online store of H&M. So, not only will you be introduced to new merchandise regularly, but you can also use the same online discounts offered to you during in-person shopping. Just show the store attendant the online offer you are entitled to, and redeem it.
  • You can earn reward points just by recycling your old clothes. With their garment collecting program started in 2013 to reduce the carbon footprint on this planet, you can avail yourself of a discount of almost up to 15%. Just fill your bags with unwanted apparel and drop them at the recycled items collecting point. The attendant will provide you with a certificate for a 15% discount, and if you happen to be an H&M Loyal Member, you will also earn additional H&M Conscious reward points. 
  • Another useful way of getting discounts is if you check the barcodes on the price tags of H&M apparel. The first line of numbers, especially the seventh number under the barcode, is important because it refers to a particular season. So, if you find that most of the clothes in the rack belong to a specific season, then look for clothes that belong to the primary season. You will get quality clothing at slashed prices. You can apply H&M promo code KSA at the time of checkout to further reduce the bill amount.
  • Make good use of your H&M gift cards to get upto a 30% discount on purchases. Since there are no restrictions on using a gift card, you can reduce your billing amount by combining the card on using it on already discounted apparel.
  • Even without coupons, you can get discounts at any offline store. Just make sure to bundle up on clothing items that already have a discount attached to their price. You can save almost up to a 30% discount on stock-up sales like this.
  • You can also use the 25% employee discount if your close acquaintances are employees in any H&M outlet. Make them your saving partner and shop without any tension.
  • Make sure to get included in H&M’s email list. You can get up to a 20% discount per item plus news about new deals and coupons if you just manage to subscribe to their email newsletter. This also helps you remain informed about their new items.


Even though H&M is a fast fashion brand and its products are generally cheaper than other brands in the market, it can never hurt to learn a trick or two on saving money. It is always easy to forget about sticking to a budget when put in front of racks of new clothes, but hopefully, the next time you visit an H&M outlet, these tips will come in handy for a happy shopping experience. 


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