Top 5 Best For Cryptocurrency Trading In India

There are many platforms for cryptocurrency exchanges in India that allow its users to trade with ease. The top 5 have gained millions of clients trading harbingering the popularity of the digital asset in this subcontinent. Cryptocurrency has gained huge and widespread success the world over.  

Just last week the combined value of crypto coins was a staggering 2 Trillion dollars. Indian peers like their foreign counterparts have invested in digital coins. Thanks to the crypto currency exchanges which alter the crypto currency industry in India. 

The five most popular crypto currency trading platforms in India are as follows: 

1. Olympus trade:

This is the most feasible app that helps us earn cash, immediately, within a few seconds through crypto currency. it is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency trading platform in India. When you trade with Olympus trade, our crypto currency can be debited from one crypto wallet, and at the same time, it can be credited to another completely different crypto wallet or vice versa. From this, we can assume that Olympus trade is flexible for a person to trade. Whether we are using a laptop or a mobile phone, trading starts with a single “go”. Moreover, this application is adaptable and customized to every device providing a seamless experience.

2. CoinDCX: 

This Mumbai-based start-up has more than three and a half million investors registered that were launched in 2018. This trading platform offers free withdrawals and deposits to its members. Investors can trade more than two hundred crypto currencies on this platform. This platform was created by Neeraj and Sumit way back in 2018. It is considered one of the most popular crypto currency exchanges in India. This start-up has an ISO certification and is also insured by BitGo.  

3. WazirX:

This platform was established by Nischal Shetty in March 2018. This company is an Indian subsidiary of Binance holdings (which is one of the biggest crypto currency exchanges in the entire world). This platform which is available in Windows, Mac, Web iOS, and Android has more than six and half million registered investors. This platform has one of the fascinating peer-to-peer systems available on exchanges. The exchange processed crypto deals worth 6.2 Billion Dollars. WazirX launched its WRX token based on the Ethereum chain and Binance chain. WazirX touches thirty-eight Billion Dollars trading in a year record, in November 2021.  

4. CoinSwitch Kuber:

One can recall CoinSwitch Kuber from their commerce blitz in the IPL (Indian Premier League). This lets investors transact with as little as Rs 100. This was launched way back in 2017. There are an estimated three million investors and allows investors to trade in over 100 crypto currencies. It aims to enable its users to trade satisfactorily, without laboriously comparing the rates of the various exchanges, by visiting the individual platforms. There are forty-five thousand crypto trading pairs supported. One can buy one hundred plus coins, BNB, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.   

5. UnoCoin:

this was started in 2013, much before the world was gripped by the crypto-mania. This is the oldest crypto trading platform in this sub-continent. This has over one and half million registered investors. This is a Bitcoin web wallet that is specially created for Indians. Hacks are extremely unlikely because the private keys are encrypted and stored in cold storage. This platform has a trading feature that allows the users to store INR within the wallet itself. This platform further allows users to protect their funds by using 2-FA (2 Factor Authentication).  


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