Top 7 Online Social Media Platforms used for Beauty Ghostwriting


With the rise of digital technologies and means of face-to-face interactions through smartphones, the world has become ultramodern. The concepts of fame and glamor are on the rise. So much so, that a separate group of dedicated writers have come up with the latest “appealing” niche ever known to writing -- beauty ghostwriting.

Some people might think it’s something complicated, and requires particular knowledge to excel in this type of writing. It’s not a fanciful collection of words, which describe something in meticulous details, but requires certain techniques to grab the audience's attention. A beauty ghostwriting agency understands it better than all of us. It’s simple writing done to attract readers to give attention to details when describing an object or a person in a beautiful “lovely” way.

Today, we all use social media and realize it’s significant impact on our daily lives. We are 24/7 connected with our loved ones to make sure we’re doing alright. Wherever we go, social media networking helps us talk to our family and friends on the go.

On the other hand, social media platforms have become lifelines for celebrities, sportspeople, and other prominent personalities. It is a fact that celebrities who interact the most with their fans on social media get more attention. They enjoy more magazine story coverages and spotlights under the camera.

This is why famous actors and actresses hire ghostwriters to manage their social media accounts. Without further ado, lets discuss the most popular social media platforms for beauty ghostwriting services.



Probably one of the most popular social media platforms among celebrities. Instagram helps them share their daily life routines in pictures. Also, the picture-sharing social media platform helps them post short-lived 15-seconds stories, hashtags for showing ongoing trends, and video shorts. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, which led to additional Instagram features. Now this platform includes extensive image/video filters, geo-tagging feature, unlimited story postings, and the exclusive IGTV in-app feature. Since competition is highest on Instagram due to its multifaceted marketing features, celebrities hire US based beauty ghostwriters to handle their Instagram accounts.



Got you on your heels, right?! A blog website is one of the biggest trendsetters for beauty ghostwriting. Bloggers are mostly make-up artists, fashion lovers, home décor experts, celebrities, gardening, and lifestyle. If you look closely at the aforesaid topics/ niches, you’ll realize that each of them expresses an element of beautification. Beauty ghostwriting services have their own niche-oriented blogging websites, which is used as a portfolio credential to gain more customers.

There are many benefits of blog writing. It lets you express in words through an eloquent blog, you share knowledge, your daily blog uploads make a difference, you inspire others, and gain exposure. Besides, blog writing is the first baby step you can take if you want online recognition among other famous people.



The award-winning video-sharing platform YouTube gives Google a tough time when it comes to rank among the top-3 most visited websites worldwide.  It’s a great platform for celebrities and other famous personalities to stand out from the crowd. YouTube helps them to connect with people in a livelier interactive way. It’s a pretty straightforward platform where users can upload their videos without requiring any professional touches. It’s all about how life is behind the screens.

Over the years, YouTube has become a major platform among famous people. People can easily search for videos they want to watch. YouTube is a platform where you have access to countless topics. The most common types of videos consist of travel vlogs, cooking channels, food tours, tutorials, educational content, and informative documentaries. Since YouTube videos are easily embedded on multiple social media platforms, it helps celebrities to broadcast their videos effortlessly. People can subscribe to your channel to get instant notifications whenever you upload a new video on the platform.



Next in line is the micro-blogging website that allows users to connect with each other without talking too much. The short posts that we share and receive from others are known as Tweets. Your message should not be longer than 140 characters. It can include links and images to add a livelier touch to your tweets. Like YouTube’s subscribe button, Twitter has a follow button. When you start following someone, you’ll be able to see their tweets on your Twitter’s timeline.

Twitter has a lot of useful tools that can help beauty bloggers integrate their website links on this blue-bird platform. It features its own built-in GIF search, create Twitter moments, start a two-liner discussion thread, and group chats with friends and followers. Besides, it lets you create dedicated photo collages, which is best for e-commerce marketing purposes.



Snapchat is a time-honored US-based multimedia messaging app among onscreen superstars. Originally known as Snapchat Inc. It lets you post pictures and short videos that are available for only a short period of time. Once Snapchat videos disappear, they become accessible to all recipients, which is a great personal security feature. Snapchat lets users share and discover images and videos according to their interests. These short-lived multimedia files that people share are called snaps. Snapchat was one of the first interactive platforms that introduced filters, screen lenses, and other bubbly effects to your “snaps.”



The number one social networking platform to date used by billions around the world. The common use of Zuckerberg’s ‘student house’ invention is one of the biggest reasons it is used for marketing SEO beauty ghostwriting in the USA and elsewhere. Apart from a simple Facebook account, you can also create a separate Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and even chat with your family and friends. There are several notable features that make Facebook distinguishable among other social media platforms. You can share photos, read the latest news via News Feed, post status and links on your Facebook Walls, scroll Facebook timeline, and like and react to other people’s posts with “expressive” emojis.



Another emerging multimedia platform is the Chinese video-sharing social media networking sensation Tik Tok. It is known as Douyin in China, and owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. TikTok is just like Snapchat where you can share 15 seconds videos. On the other hand, you can share longer videos of about a minute long. The most popular video genres include dance, comedy skits, educational, and spiritual. These days, TikTok is used to collaborate between two people to make a duet video. People in groups can join as well to create an interactive video together.

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