Top 7 reason to grow organics vegetables


Over the past decades there have been changes in the use of machinery and homogenization in agriculture, using pesticides, additives, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and mass production techniques. All of these clearly affect human health, and new diseases are spreading rapidly between humans and animals (bird flu is the most recent).

The World Health Organization reports that the use of chemicals and other products in food, along with the production processes involved, is actually harmful to our health.

If you have some plot of lands it is a wise decision to plant your own organic vegetable garden. Today I introduce you to seven reasons for doing this:

7 reason to grow organics vegetables

1. You will not have additives to your vegetables. Studies by organic food organizations have shown that supplements in our diet can cause heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.

2. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers will be used. These chemical products are used to get plants all the time without any problems or weather conditions, and it affects the quality of the vegetables. Besides, pesticides are often toxic to humans.

3. Your vegetables will not be genetically modified (GM). Antibiotics, drugs and hormones are used in vegetables to grow more and more. One of the consequences of this practice is vegetables that look similar and usually tasteless. In addition, we end up using hormones used in vegetables, as well as potential risks to our health.

4. Eating your own healthy vegetables will be healthier for you. They will not contain any of the products or chemicals listed above, and will be much more natural than any that you may find in the store. Your health will not be in danger because then you will know that nothing is included in your vegetables.

5. Your own vegetables will be very tasty. The use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones and antimicrobials makes vegetables grow abnormally and removes flavor from them. With live vegetables, your cooking will be enhanced as their taste will fully reflect.

6. Organic farming celebrates nature. Because you will not use pesticides or other products that are equally harmful to your vegetables, you will not harm the soil or air with chemical elements.

7. When you grow your natural vegetables you contribute to your sustainability and sustainability of the planet. Small communities were formed when members exchanged products and planted naturally, thus contributing to the creation of a friendly and beautiful environment for all of us.

In the end, eating natural products means that we are not bringing anything to them other than what they would naturally have. As you can guess, supplements, fertilizers, pesticides or hormones are not part of a naturally grown diet. To take better care of your health, plant your own healthy vegetables — and a few pots are what you need.


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