Top Tips To Write a Persuasive Essay In No Time

If you are a student, whether in high school or college, essay writing is familiar to you because students have to write many types of essays in their institute. It is an essential part of their academic life. Persuasive essay writing is one of the common writing assignments that teachers intend to provide their students. In this type of essay, students need to insist the reader agree with the student's specific contention and convince them to take action about the issues.

If you are also looking for how to write a persuasive essay, then your search ends here. Here we are giving you the best tips on how to write it properly without any difficulty.


What is a persuasive essay?

Before writing, you should know the term persuasive essay in order to write a relevant essay with accuracy. In this type of essay, the student has to act as a lawyer, as they have to argue effectively. In this writing, the student has to take a stand on the particular agenda, either "for" it or "against" it. To make an ideal, effective, or informative, persuasive essay writing help , students require deep research and solid information on both sides of the topic. The purpose of the persuasive essay is to prove with reliable evidence why the writer's opinion is accurate and why the opposing contentions are incorrect. 


The persuasive essay outline 

Here we are providing you with the best three-paragraph essay outline for persuasive essay because these are considered as the best essay outline for academic essay writing.

  • Introductory Paragraph

The introduction is the very first part of any essay, and we need attractive and relevant content for the intro part to grab the attention of the reader. It is a 10 to 15% part of the complete essay. In the introduction of persuasive essay writing, one should start the essay with a hook line or thesis statement to make the reader keen to read after it provides the reader some background information about the topic.

  • Body Paragraphs

The body is the second paragraph of your essay, and it is the explanation of your argument. It contains 50 to 60% part of the complete essay. In the body, you have to mention all the detailed information, theories, statistics, researches, or examples, facts. Then you tell the reader about your key argument. It will be beneficial if you prove your main idea with the help of a supportive idea or elaboration, but in the last line, you have to sum up your ideas. Here you also have to mention the facts or information about the other perspective or another side of that issue with the correct examples or facts, shreds of evidence. Do not forget to mention the opposing view; otherwise, your essay is incomplete.

  • Choose your position

First thing you have to do is choose which side you want to write "for" or "against," then start to collect the facts and information to strengthen your side and make a final decision. As you know, the issue has two sides. For example, if you have to write on any situation, take the situation of "rainfall," and you have to tell it is beneficial to have rainfall or detrimental, so this issue has two sides; hence rainfall is beneficial in some case but detrimental in other cases, so you have to choose one side and make your point of view strong in order to with the heart of the reader. State your position clearly on which side you are going to write.

  • Understand the audience

It is not important which side you intend to write but how you write it is crucial. If you want to write an effective and impressive blog or any other writings, you should have to understand the point of view of the audience. Your audience is your teacher so keep in mind their instruction regarding the essay because you have to impress them. Make your writing according to their protocols.

  • Do Proper Research

You are suggested to research your topic to write it in a proper and accurate manner. To get the information about both sides of the issue, you can rely on offline as well as online sources like newspapers, magazines, internet websites but make sure you are preparing from a reliable source don't waste your time on unreliable sources because your time is important. After a proper analysis, go to the next step. 

  • Collect the evidence

Now it's time to collect the most relevant evidence and include them in your essay writing. While searching for the facts, make a comparison of the shreds of evidence, pick up the best evidence and support your main idea with the help of these shreds of evidence. Now, if you add the correct evidence in your study, nobody can stop you from writing an impressive essay.

  • Organize your Persuasive-Essay

 The organization of your content is very important. It will provide you the flow of information. Place the data according to the need and manage the ideas in a proper sequence so that the reader can read it without any difficulty. Your ideas must be related to the topic or each other. Make an outline and structure your essay. If your teacher has given you the outline, then act according to their guidelines; otherwise, make a proper outline on your own.

  • Start writing your persuasive essay with integrity

Now you have everything to write an effective essay, and you should start writing your essay without wasting your valuable time. Write it in a sequence with full concentration.

  • Proofreading 

After completing the essay, do proofreading and filter your essay. If you found any mistakes or extra word or word choice errors, remove them. Your mistake tells the reader degree of accuracy, so revise it and make it precise.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the last and also an essential part of every essay writing. Its length is 10% of the total length of an essay. This is the last chance when you impress the reader. In the conclusion part, you should restate the thesis and summarise the central idea of the essay.


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