Use a Free e Signature to Sign the Contract Online

This particular context has strengthened us in our mission to better connect companies of all sizes with their customers, partners, and teams so that they can easily use free e signature in their documents, remotely and with just a few clicks.

Make free e signature available to everyone

We're excited to start this year with some big news: the launch of our new One plan, aimed at freelancers, the self-employed, and small businesses.


Why did we do that? Because we wanted to offer an e-signature solution that is tailored to their specific needs.


What is our goal? We want to give all companies, regardless of their size, the opportunity to create, sign, and create customized contracts very easily in order to relieve them of administrative tasks and accelerate their business.

How is that supposed to be achieved? 

By making them a tailor-made offer: flexible subscription, simplified application, certified signatures. And all at an affordable price.


One is DocSignPro's new plan aimed at freelancers, self-employed professionals, and small businesses to provide them with a full range of signature services tailored to their needs and what they do.


It includes everything you need to get started, on the best terms:

All important functions of the e-signature

With the introduction of this new One Plan, DocSignPro is expanding its signature offering to appeal to all business people, regardless of their size and needs, and to offer them a simple and tailored solution to digitize their processes and accelerate their business.

1. A flexible plan for different needs

For smaller businesses, the volume of signatures may not be the same every month. It can vary in either direction.


With the One Plan from DocSignPro, you benefit from a non-binding offer. Go and come back whenever you want. You can also upgrade and downgrade as needed! Manage your subscription according to your needs, right from the application.

2. A simple & accessible application

At DocSignPro, we strive to provide our customers with the easiest electronic signature solution possible.


With the One Plan, we have revised our application down to the smallest detail in order to offer a product that is ultra-simplified, intuitive, and straight to the point. There is no time to waste.


  1. Create your invitations with just a few clicks: upload your documents and attachments, add recipients and signature fields, send them for the signature!

  2. Track the progress of your signature requests in real-time

  3. Download your time-stamped audit trail with all signature information

  4. Import your contacts, export your signatures in no time.

3. All signature functions included

Introducing a plan for businesses with limited signature needs at a lower rate doesn't mean scaling back. At DocSignPro, we strive to provide the same quality to all of our customers, regardless of which plan they subscribe to.


With the One tariff you have access to all essential functions of the electronic signature:


  1. Signature Interface - Track the progress of your free electronic signature in word in real-time and easily manage your procedures, contacts, and templates.

  2. Identity Validation - Guarantee the identity of your signers with our secure authentication systems.

  3. Validation Workflows - Easily create automated processes for reviewing, approving, and signing documents.

  4. Automatic reminders - Customize and schedule automatic reminders to complete faster and save time.

  5. And much more! Just what you need to efficiently manage and sign all of your documents. No more and no less.

4. A certified and secure digital signature online

DocSignPro is a trustworthy service provider recognized by the French and European authorities that offers a legal, reliable and secure solution to guarantee the confidentiality of your data and the legal validity of your signatures.


DocSignPro issues its own certificates in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, making it a recognized certification authority (CA) in Europe. This level enables DocSignPro to offer more secure electronic signatures with the best online signature app.

Speed ​​up your business

Spend less time signing and more time doing business It manages your documents and signatures in one ultra-simple and intuitive application. Offer a comfortable free e signature experience - Customize the signature process for your signers (languages, logo, messages). Guarantee certified signatures - Use a certified solution recognized at European lev.


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