What is the most important Balance of life?

Wisdom says to concentrate on the present as it is a gift from God but in reality it is not possible to give emphasis only on the present and we have to consider the surrounding circumstances too. Past, Present, and Future are the three steps forming the life circle and we are on the constant verge of facing challenges for our survival in both physical and mental ways.


The circumstances we face on a day-to-day basis depend on our knowledge, our upbringing, and our reaction to vast actions of society. In our school days, a subject was taught to us about our moral behavior but while we grow crossing all the numerous years and reach a particular point where sustaining ourselves falls under top priority, we tend to forget the very basics of the subject. The name is ‘Moral Science’.


If we study our past days, what we learned from school, our family elders and closed ones, we will see that we have derived a lot from them but executed a few. This is due to the building of an invisible barrier made of self-centered belief, selfishness, greed, and more. We are the most opportunist ones to face new chances again and again and losing them repeatedly because we are on a constant run towards better living, better dreaming, and more, and through this running we eventually forget the humane within us.


We have adapted to a culture of competitiveness and comparison, forgetting fraternity, equality, and living a robotic life. It is nice to get off the past but past is only the best teacher who guides us for a better tomorrow as it shows us the mirror of our past mistakes and instruct us not to repeat them and thus to redesign our journey to future.


Physical and Mental health both have equal effects on our better thriving in all conditions. We all are busy and engaged in varied activities for our earning, running our household, and living our dreams. While we give importance to our physical health, we have to give the same importance to our mental health too as a disturbed mind affects our body in a slow manner, and sometimes the damage incurred becomes irreversible.


Summarized below are some steps we should follow in order to maintain the balance of physical and mental health


1. Exercise – Doing free-hand exercises in your own comfortable manner is needed on a daily basis. This results in proper blood circulation which is good for the heart and supply of oxygen across all parts of the body


2. With the Nature – Try to spend a little time with the nature. Take 10 to 15 minutes break from your work schedule in a frequent manner and face the sunlight, look up to the clouds and breathe fresh air. Walking barefooted on fresh grasses in the morning is good for the nervous system and our eyesight


3. Relax your mind – It is important to relax your mind in various ways. Watch entertaining shows, comedy programs, listen to good and relaxing music


4. Proper diet – What we eat has serious effects on our health. Try to have nutritious food items. Consult your dietician in case of any anomaly.


5. Travel – It is said your life is incomplete if you don’t travel at certain intervals. Explore the world around you. Indulge in the different environments and observe new things


6. Reading – This culture is the oldest and the best. Books are like our friends. Try to read uncommon and new books and you will gradually learn new things.


Your company of friends and acquaintances always has an impact on your personal well-being. So always be selective and choose the best for you. The number of friends is not important. Always remember that an honest and loyal One is always better than Many with veiled faces. Maintain a protocol of how much you make yourself accessible to others. Follow integrity all the time. Love yourself, think positively and you will definitely have a good and well-balanced life

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