Which is the No. 1 School in Bangalore, and Why?

When we talk of the best schools, we focus on various elements such as learning frameworks, quality of education, facilities, nature of the results, academic prowess of students, and focus on holistic development. GIIS is one such school that incorporates all these features to emerge as the best school in Bangalore

Have you ever toured Bangalore? The city is known as the silicon valley of India. Apart from the fantastic nightlife and parks, Bangalore is home to the best educational institutions within and beyond India. Being an educational hub, the schools you are bound to encounter in the city are equally impressive and prestigious. 

The schools you find in Bangalore are not just academic-oriented but go beyond the usual classroom studies into other non-academic rigours that shape students' lives holistically. One of the best schools in Bangalore is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). 

Reasons why GIIS is the top school

GIIS is a top-rated school in Bangalore owing to several factors:

Holistic educational approach

GIIS uses an innovative 9GEMS™ framework that focuses on various academic and non-academic aspects of learning. This unique approach sharpens students' academic skills while honing other aspects of their growth, including leadership, skills development, and universal values, among others. The 9GEMS™ methodology approach is an award-winning framework that has received international recognition for delivering superb results.  

Excellent results

The school is known for recording exceptional results. The most notable feature of the school is quality academics. A significant number of GIIS students who write board exams attain 90% and above. It is due to the comprehensive curriculum used by the school in preparing learners for the competitive exams. GIIS students deliver excellent performance in crucial exams and can progress well with their academics.  

Numerous awards 

The number of awards the school has earned is enough testimony of its educational excellence. As we speak, the school has bagged more than 150 awards to its credit. GIIS Bangalore has received recognition for its achievements in different aspects of education. The most recent one is the IMC RBNQA prestigious award granted to the school's SMART Campus in Bannerghatta for Excellence in Crisis. It was given due to the institution's ability to remain strong and facilitate learning amid the pandemic.      

Easier university placements 

Students who study at GIIS become top achievers due to quality education and a holistic learning framework. Such students with their broad list of accomplishments and excellent performance are readily accepted into top universities worldwide. All the students can earn a long list of credentials in their high school, which will help them distinguish themselves at every stage of life.

Outstanding global community  

One aspect that makes GIIS stand out is the unique global community that offers students a healthy environment to learn, develop, and grow into responsible global citizens. As students interact within the vibrant global family, they share values, ideas, and knowledge, nurturing them to be productive individuals. 

These are some of the reasons and features that make GIIS the number one school in Bangalore. A good school is one that seeks to educate and nurture students in all areas of life. The school boasts some of the best facilities. A resourceful library, virtual classrooms, computer labs, and other state-of-the-art educational infrastructures set the school apart. All these factors work together to enhance efficiency and bring out the best in students to help them advance in their academics seamlessly.


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