White Fungus: New Danger for India

White Fungus: New Danger for India

As many states notify Black Fungus/Mucormycosis as epidemic under Epidemic Disease Act,  it seems a new rival appears out of nowhere here in India. In Patna,  Bihar 4 cases of White Fungus has been detected.  Till now, it is not clear whether it spread across the border or not. Currently,  situation of India seems to become more complicated since 2nd wave started and what may happen is in the womb of time. Some medical experts believed this to be a new potent epidemic infection here in India.

According to Medical Experts, This infection seems more scarier and deadly than, newly claimed title of epidemic,  Black Fungus as it affects vital organs like kidney, liver, mouth,  skin,  nail etc  beside lungs, eyes and brain.

People vulnerable to disease

Patients with low immunity,  diabetic patient, patient suffering from AIDS  and those who have undergone kidney transplantation are more likely to suffer from this infection, named White Fungus. It may additionally affects children and women. 


White fungus share its symptoms with corona as it attacks lungs like Corona Virus but patient are negative  for corona virus test.  Symptoms are :

1. Fever,  Dry cough,  Tiredness are mkst common type of symptoms with White Fungus

2. Ache and pain, Sore throat,  Diarrhoea,  Leucorrheoa, loss of taste are less common symptoms

3. Breathe shortness,  chest pain abd Loss of speecgmh are some serious concern with this infection. 


It can be diagnosed by CT scans or X-ray. 

HRCT test are diagnosis test for White Fungus. 


As Medical experts says " Use of tap water by people in humidifiers attached to oxygen cylinders may cause this infection.  Since tap water may contain White fungal spore and through humidifer these spores reaches to chest and may infect patients"

So,  it can be prevented by sanitising ventilators,  use of clean tap water in humidifiers and proper care of medical equipment used on the patients. 


If detected earlier, it can treated with anti fungal medication. 


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