White Labelling - an Online Business Model That Can Make You Millions

Few decades ago it's kind of impossible to imagine that someone can start a company that will have its product designed in Europe, produced in Asia, and sold all over the world - all without leaving the comfort of one's home.

It's even more unbelievable then, to think that this type of company can be started within a few hours, with a few hundred dollars.

But today, thanks to the internet and the relatively cheap access to it, that's not just possible, but it's also not so difficult to pull off.

The problem is - there are so many online businesses out there that it's so difficult, but not impossible, to make millions of dollars without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertisements.

Today we will look at white labelling - an online business model that has the potential of earning you millions.

White Labelling

Do you know that some of the richest companies in the US don't really produce their products? They do the design and outsource the production to another company entirely. Some companies that the productions are outsourced to are not even based in the US.

For example, the multi-billion dollar fashion brand Yeezy, that is mostly owned by Kanye West, don't produce their footwear. They were designed by Kanye West himself and some other designers, while it is entirely produced and marketed by Adidas.

But you don't have to be a rich and famous musician to own your very own clothing line. You don't even have to partner with multi-billion dollar brands like Adidas to even get started.

There are companies on Aliexpress.com that can produce your products for you and even ship them to your clients. You can also use services like Printify of Printful to get started.

And why stop at producing dresses and shoes? There are other companies that can help you produce jewelries and wristwatches and put your logo on them.

You can create your online shop with Shopify. And there are many plugins on Shopify that can make your life a lot easier.

But why stop on Shopify? You can also sell your products on Amazon and even boost sales with Amazon ads.

There are many places you can sell your products online, including eBay, Etsy, and even aliexpress.com.

And that, my friend, is what white labelling is all about. If you like the concept, you can read this Shopify post on the top 10 white label companies that can help you get started right now.

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